Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have a winner, and a brand new counter!

Yeah, apparently you guys broke the last one so.... :P

I don't know exactly what was the problem with it, but I got a new one, leaving right where the last one left off. But, we do have a winner. Gravity77 was the first of actually three people to have a 100,000th screenshot, so he will be given an ultra rare card! We just need to work out which one now.

Thank you all for participating!


Anonymous said...

Wow, didnt expect it this soon lol

Congratz Gravity, I'll have to ask him or have occasus answer what ultra he got :P

Nice contest Occasus, looking forward to your future post :D


Anonymous said...

Hey Occasus,
could you give me an idea of what kind of decks the new maxxor or chaor would be in?

ogplaya said...

i got 100,001...