Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-November 26

This week I want to go back to the basics. Today I am going to review Mipedim Oasis :).

I was going through all of the cards from M'arrillian Invasion and I thought a lot of the abilities were cool, but not all of them were that useful :P. Then I went through some of my favorite cards from Dawn of Perim, and I found one of the more useful locations in one of my current armies.

Who doesn't want 10 free damage? Especially in a Mipedian strike deck, the more damage you can deal up front, the better (my deck isn't really a strike deck, but you get the idea). Another great reason to use this over other locations is the lack of Mipedian armies in the metagame. There are some, but you will see many more overworld and underworld variants instead of a regular mipedian army. Basically, the bonus is all yours ;).

Rate out of 10 :).

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have recently played someone a few times, and each time I happened to be using a new mipedian deck I recently built. This player feels that using invisibility is cheep and is a horrible thing for a top player to be using. We got into a bit of an argument, so I figured I should ask you guys about this. Do you think invisibility is cheap? The deck I built only has invisibility strike 10 in it, so would you classify that as cheap?

Please post all of your thoughts and ideas on the subject :).

Here is the deck I was playing with:

1 2 3
1. Owayki/Torwegg
2. Saand/Breath of the Desert
3. Owayki/Torwegg
4. Xelfe/Destructazooka
5. Prince Mudeenu, Champion of the Guard/Breath of the Desert
6. Xelfe/Wind Whip

I will post a full deck list tomorrow :).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-November 21

I apologize, I know I have never been this late with a CoTW before, but I have had a long week and completely forgot about writing the CoTW article.

Without a further delay, this week's card is Gronmor!

Courage: 75
Power: 50
Wisdom: 80
Speed: 50
Energy: 60

Gronmor is one of my new favorite creatures after the release of the newest set. He is a tank: high energy, great stats, and three elements. Ok, he might have gotten his elements from being scanned near Stronghold Mourn, but that doesn't make him any less awesome!

I have seen a lot of people who think that Gronmor is overpowered, and in comparision to the past sets, he more or less is, but his has two main weaknesses. The biggest and most noticeable is his lack of mugic counters. The next one which may not come directly to mind is his lack of power. Each discipline has an element associated with it. Power's element is fire. Gronmor has Fire 5, but he doesn't have the power that usually goes hand in hand with a majority of his fire attacks. So a good number of the attacks Gronmor is good at...he isn't very good at :P. So although he is strong with fire attacks, he wouldn't find as good of a home in a traditional Underworld deck, because he lacks the power compatibility with it. You would want to put him in a deck that focuses more on his three elements with a majority of the attacks being fire based.

So rate it out of 10 please :).

Rebuild the Arch!

Here is a special announcement from the moderators! The link I provided brings you to a website devoted the chase cards, and the progress of rebuilding the arch! Also EVERYONE in the community will receive a special online promo card once all of the Pieces have been uploaded, so we all will get a gift at the end of all of this :).

EDIT: I'm just adding a better picture of the mugician's arch :).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mugician's Arch

Yep, it is an actual card, but not the location :P. Here is about all we know about it:

When you enter the code for the Mugician's Arch you will get 1 copy of every card in the first 3 sets of Chaotic and when all the Mugician's Arch is completed anyone who entered a Mugician's Arch code will get a VERY exclusive card available no where else!

And that these cards are very rare, and are only in packs of M'arrillian Invasion and the tin sets.

Good luck, and I hope that you guys can get your hands on one :).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mini contest

I will give a free OP card to the first person to tell me (in this post) what Tangath Toborn in Training is slicing in his new art. *hint: you can't see it in the card picture ;)*

The contest is over, here is the picture that shows what he is cutting :).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

reihaku's first chaotic challenge!

As some of you may know, reihaku, along with some of his teammates, has recently started a chaotic channel which covered the basics of chaotic, and has started a chaotic challenge. He wants you to debate the pros and cons of Kileron in video responses. If you have a digital camera, I suggest that you enter. The price to enter is free, and he is giving away a Ribbian code to the winner! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Recreating the Color Wheel 5: M'arrillians

I know this is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure I had enough to write about before I started this :).

We all know who the M'arrillians are fairly weak jelly fish-like creatures, except for their strong mental abilities. So it is obvious that they are strong in the Water element, and, on average, they have high wisdom.

Before, I said that no tribe is inherently "evil". Well now I take it back. Evil is something that is determined by the majority of a group. With each tribe, everyone has a different definition on what is evil. All of the tribes share the common enemy of the M'arrillians.

I don't feel that the M'arrillians want to accomplish an evil goal, but the way they want to solve their problems is in, as the tribes believe, a completely unacceptable way. M'arrillian chieftains (I specify chieftains because they have hinted towards more subtypes of M'arrillians other than the Fluidmorphers) literally take a creature, and forces them to obey no matter what. We don't know if they also wipe away the creature's memories, or if the creature is conscious and is aware of everything that the M'arrillians are forcing it to do.

There is one Minion that I really think should be pointed out, and that is Tartarek.

Read his ability, and tell me if you can notice something odd about him. When he is a pure Overworld creature, he has the stat gaining ability which is one of the Overworld trademarks. Then he has the ability to destroy Chieftains, which is a very power ability. Now here is the weird part: as a minion, but he keeps his ability to destroy Chieftains. While he is being controled by a M'arrillian, he retains his ability to destroy other M'arrillians.

Why would a brainwashed creature keep his abilities in the first place, much less an ability that is dangerous to the M'arrillians? No other creature can keep its regular abilities, except Tartarek. The only thing that is special about Tartarek compared to the other minions is his incredibly high wisdom and courage. I believe that it is linked to his wisdom. It is possible that he has enough mental power to resist the psionic abilities of the M'arrillians, in fact there isn't a single M'arrillian with more Wisdom than Tartarek.

I hoped that you enjoyed my final (?) installation of the Color Wheel

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Diego Comic Con video

Chaotic Card of the Week-November 12

This week we're looking at Ebena'bakk :)

I have only played against Ebena'bakkua handful of times, but each of them were a challenge. Not being able to select your own attacks really prevents you from setting up the attacks for your next battle, which can hamper your strategy. Your opponent could be at 5 energy, but you might end up having to waste an Allmageddon on Ebena'bakkua because of it. Just be sure you have enough mugic counters :).

Coming soon: the final piece of the color wheel :).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fan Website Spotlight

I feel really behind the curve for not finding this website sooner, seeing as it launched four or so months ago, but I noticed that they only have 29 members! The website's url is, and it has a card search engine which I feel works much better than the collection page on the main website. It can search not only by set and card type, but by creature type and stats as well. It is a very powerful tool for deck building, which I have been using for about a half hour so far :).

Card of the Week-11/4

Happy Election Day everyone! For those of you who can vote, I hope you exercise your right as an American today :).

This week's card is Destructozooka.

This is a really interesting card. Think of this as an all purpose version of the original Pyroblaster type battlegear. The only difference is that Pyroblaster can only be used once, with the rare exception of Bodal's Arsenal.

Destructozooka is a little different. Being a flip type battlegear, you can reuse its ability with cards like Gear Grind.

The other big difference is that you also get the element 5 of your choice. So if you thought a Bloot with a Viledriver was bad, think about if Bloot had the fire element as well!

So rate Destructozooka out of 10 :).