Saturday, May 31, 2008

Builing on a Budget 2

This deck isn't as cheep to make as my last one, but it doesn't have any ultra rares in it.


Lomma/Torrent Krinth--Intress/Riverland Star
----Lomma/Torrent Krinth----

Mugic: 2x Song of Resurgence, Song of Focus (Use on Intress so her stats can be raised to the 50's)

2x Delerium
2x Ektoplasm
2x Hive-Phoon
2x Rustoxic
2x Sludge Gush
2x Spirit Gust
2x Steam Rage
2x Riptide
2x Torrent of Flame
2x Unsantity

2x Cordac Falls
2x Doors of the Deepmines
2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Kiru City
2x Riverlands

*Note: This is a variant of the deck that I used to play against the winner of my 40 energy or less tournament. The original deck did not have Intress, and used Blugon. The reason why I changed it, because Blugon is a better choice in apprentice rules, is because you need the extra mugic counter in a game situation.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week- May 28

I know that this is technically a day late, but I have been a little busy lately. This week's card is...


Courage: 35
Power: 60
Wisdom: 65
Speed: 25
Energy: 40

Stat wise, Mahrrant doesn't have much to back him up, but his ability more than makes up for it. Now some may say that the queen does the same thing, only much better, and that is true, but using the queen's mugic counters is something that you want to avoid. Her mugic counters add to your mandiblor count, which you can't afford to lower. Mahrrant will be the perfect mugic caster for a danian deck. Keep him in the back row, and you will be able to have enough mugic counters to hopefully last you the entire match. You can't rely on him too much, he won't be able to do much mugic wise in the beginning of the match.

There isn't much more that I can add other than be sure to focus your mugic and deck around infecting creatures. The more creatures you infect, the better

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-May 21

Hello again, and welcome to my fifth installment of Chaotic Card of the Week!

This week's card is...

Lore is one of the fiercest danian muges, no, one of the fiercest Muges in all of Perim! With 3 mugic counter, and 25 energy, he is a strictly better version of Ulmar. If you are running a mixed army, or an army that doesn't have chaor or Bloot in it, you should almost always pick Lore over Ulmar. Both Lore and Ulmar have 25 energy, but Lore has one extra mugic counter which gives him an enormous edge over Ulmar.

Even though Lore doesn't have access to powerful underworld mugic like Ulmar does, there are some danian mugics that can compete with the underworld.

Song of Symmetry is a great choice. It allows you to heal 10 energy on top of the 10 damage that you would normally be doing. That extra 10 energy may be just what you need to pull out a win. Another mugic that might see some play is the danian refrain of denial. Let's face it, underworld decks are everywhere you look. Refrain of Denial will allow you to cancel out their mugic that they may be relying on to win the game.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chaor, Bloot, then who?

We all know that Lord Van Bloot and Chaor are dominating the meta game, but I need to ask you is who is the third wheel to this duo? Today, I am going to explore the strengths and weaknesses of these different strategies that you can use with these two creatures.

1. Barath Beyond:
He is a great creature, no one can say that he isn't. But is he strong enough, and does he fit in with these two creatures? To have both bloot and chaor in the same deck, you need to focus less on the fire element, and more on courage, power, and speed. Barath is stronger in an elemental based attack deck, which is a little out of place with chaor and bloot. You do have barath's high power and speed, but his courage is lacking, and his recklessness is a large drawback. All and all, he is an alright pick, but I think that there are some stronger choices.

2. Klasp
This creature has increased in popularity lately. Originally, a klasp with stone mail was the way to go. With Klasp's high stats and energy, and stone mail canceling out his recklessness, he was a formidable opponent. But now, Nexus Fuse has made klasp an even stronger pick in battle. Along with his own 10 damage sacrifice ability, nexus fuse adds another 15 damage to it. With 25 damage to deal, klasp may be able to take out a chaor, or a bloot, which will give you the chance to take the offensive in mirror match-ups. I would say that klasp is a very strong pick.

3. Ulmar
I noticed less and less people using ulmar lately. Having 20 damage that you can deal at any time may be the difference between beating bloot and chaor, and losing the match. But with this extra damage, comes a very risky situation. When you use ulmar in an army, you are pretty much only fighting with two creatures. Ulmar isn't a fighter, if he is engaged in battle, he will lose. Losing even one creature becomes a very big deal. I would say ulmar isn't a bad choice, but I think that there are more stable choices out there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-May 14

This weeks card is....
Riverland Star!
Equipped Creature gains 15 Courage. If equipped Creature is OverWorld, it gains "When equipped Creature deals Water damage, heal 5 Energy to that Creature."

This is one of the most annoying pieces of battlegear that I have ever played against in a match. Every time I think I have just enough to wipe out the rest of my opponent's energy, they just throw a water attack out of nowhere which allows them to live that much longer, and have just another chance to defeat my creatures.

The added courage can be the difference between losing 10 energy to Bloot's special ability, and having the edge in battle against the Underworld.

Underworld creatures like Barath, Magmon, and Klasp that have recklessness need a short battle to win, or else the recklessness will eat away at them. With Riverland Star, you will prolong the battle with you opponent, giving recklessness the oppertunity to do your work for you defeat your opponent.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Occasus Day

By decree of MastaP and Excellion, May 11th is officially Occasus Day! To celebrate, the first three people who comment this post will be given a rare card code. Enjoy, and have a happy Occasus day!

Some people have PMed me on the website saying that they could not comment, so I have the three winners picked out :).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Disappointments and Pleasant Surprizes

In this post I am going to talk about some cards that I feel were either a nice addition to a set, or cards that are just so under powered than what they should be.

Pleasant surprize #1: Ulmar
Just look at ulmar from the show. He is short, weak, and is missing a skullcap! He seemed like a weak creature in the show, but that was before we had a look at his ability. Getting 20 damage to use whenever you need to can easily turn the tide in a battle, and possibly win you the match.

Dissapointment #1: Tangath Toborn
This was just a slap in the face. Not one of his base stats are above 50, and his energy is energy is a weak 30! One power pulse and ulmar and he is gone! Creatures with low energy can never be good front runner creatures for that very reason. Even the Sword of Khy'at, Tangath's go to weapon doesn't help him much at all.

Pleasant surprize #2: Barath Beyond
In my opinion Barath Beyond is one of the best underworlders. He has great power and speed, and his fire 5 is the perfect piece to an underworld deck. In the show, they usually downplay Barath's strengths. I don't think that they have ever shown one battle where Barath has won in the show.

Dissapointment #2: Fortissimo
You would think that a mugic that is suppose to make you a giant creature would do more. And extra 5 in each stat and 5 energy is not going to do a lot in a battle. You would be better off with a Composition of Concentration or a Song of Resurgence.

Pleasant surprize #3: Prince Mudeenu
Invisibility: Strike 20 is just amazing. Imagine starting off every match with your opponent's creature already down 20 energy. In the right mipedian deck, you will be able to finish off your opponent in the first few attacks.

Disappointment #3: Intress
Another watered down version of a good television card. I can understand weakening a card to stop it from dominating the metagame, but this was weakened to the point where it doesn't even deserve to be a super rare at all.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-May 7

This week I am going to go in a slightly new direction. This week's card of the week is going to be a battlegear! This week's card is...

Skeletal Steed!
Yep, your trusty steed is ready and raring to go in your deck! Granted, I thought that this card wasn't much more than garbage until I saw it in action in 6v6. This battlegear has almost no place in 1v1, or 3v3, but 6v6 is a whole new game, with a whole new approach to it.

An average 6v6 team will be set up with some strong creatures up front, and mugic casters in the back. With the Skeletal Steed, you will be able to jump right over your opponent's strongest creature, and attack his mugic counters. Mugic is the support system for an army. If you are lacking in your mugic, then your deck will fall apart.

If your opponent is missing even two mugic counters, you will be that much ahead in the long run of the match. Imagine your opponent missing his Ulmar. That is twenty damage that he cannot use against you, and 20 damage that you don't have to worry about.

Attacking mugic casters to get rid of your opponent's mugic counters isn't the only advantage to attacking mugic casters. Most mugic casters don't have very high energy, so you don't have to waste your strongest attacks on them. You will be able to stack your attack deck for your future battles.

And that concludes my third Card of the Week article :).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best Mugics-Underworld


1. Canon of Casualty
If you didn't see this coming, I would be surprised. I have already mentioned this mugic half a dozen times earlier in this article, so this would have to be the number one choice for you underworld fans. You can use it to finish off your opponent's creature, or even go after your opponent's mugic casters, the choice is yours!

2. Song of Revival
Great mugic, just simply great. You can use it to bring back a heavy hitter like Lord Van Bloot at the end of the game to finish off your opponent's final creatures. One of this mugic's greatest strengths is that you can bring the creature back in any open space on the battleboard. In 6v6, and once Silent Sands will be released, placement on the battleboard will be very important.

3. Song of Fury
A nice mugic that can end up dealing more than 30 damage in a single combat. I use this mugic in 3v3, unlike a lot of players. I am thinking about switching to two canon of casualties, but until then, I am content to stay the way it is right now :). Anyway, this is a great mugic to use on a Lord Van Bloot that has lost his Whepcrack or Viledriver to give him his fire power back.

Tune in tomorrow for my next card of the week!

Best Mugics-Mipedian


1. Fanfare of the Vanishing
Granted, it is no where near as powerful as Canon of Casualty, but it is still one of the best weapons that the Mipedians have. 15 points of extra damage is a very nice way to start a battle. Of course it can be very frustrating to only be able to use it before your first attack or that it is worthless if you are fighting against another creature with invisibility. If you get over those things, it is a great addition to your mipedian deck.

2. Melody of Mirage
What do Megaroar, Allmageddon, Strike of the Meak, and Lucky Shot have in common? They are all over priced attacks that are nothing but dead weight when you have to play against Melody of Mirage. Mipedians are all about protecting their creatures, and this is exactly how they plan to do it!

3. Song of Shelter
Yet another nifty mugic spell that will negate the damage from a Canon of Casualy, and keep your creature completely protected until the end of combat. You wouldn't have to worry about any more pesky damage dealing mugic, or Ulmars, or even Lores!

Best Mugics-Overworld


1. Song of Resurgence
This is undoubtedly the best overworld mugic there is. There isn't a single match that you will play in where this card will not be of some use. Just think about it, who wouldn't want 20 free energy?

2. OverWorld Aria
10 energy, and protection from those nasty underworld fire attacks? That sounds like a pretty nice deal to me! Even having a creature like Maxxor with a normal healing ability would still be able to cast this with some benefit. Just remember to use it early, but not too early. I have noticed some players using this mugic when my first attack is a fire attack, which is the wrong play. Even though Overworld Aria's ability would stop 5 points of damage that a fire attack would deal, you wouldn't benefit from the 10 points of healing. In the end, you wouldn't get all that you could get out of the mugic.

3. Refrain of Denial/Prelude of Protection

I had a tough time picking a third mugic for the Overworlders. Not because all of their mugic is so good, but because it is how do you balance their abilities with their costs. With this Refrain of Denial, you are able to counter any mugic, but you have to pay two mugic counters, which could be spent healing your creatures, or casting a more helpful mugic. Then there is Prelude of Protection, which is great, and may help you more than even Song of Resurgence, but it just isn't as versatile as the other mugics. You HAVE to cast this mugic before combat begins to receive any effect which means you will have to know before the battle that you will need the extra edge in battle, which would usually mean trouble anyway.

Best Mugics-Danian

In this article, I am going to tell you what I feel are the top three mugics from each tribe. I am going to break this into 4 different articles, one for each tribe. I will post one each day up until my next card of the week post on Wednesday.


1. Chorus of the Hive
This is a no-brainer. A cheap mugic that allows you to fully utilize your danians is a nice choice for a team. With the hive at the tip of your fingers, you will be able to make your army of ants that much stronger.

2. Song of Symmetry
Another one casting cost mugic with a nifty ability. It has a net of 20 damage, 10 for your and 10 dealt to your opponent. In many ways this can be a better choice over Canon of Casualty, a mugic that is a must for any underworld deck.

3. Refrain of Denial (OverWorld/ UnderWorld)
I couldn't figure a good line up for the top three mugic for the danians. These are all great mugics, and they are all almost equal in strength. Everyone loves a good counter spell, and this is in my opinion the best of the three Refrain of Denials. The biggest threats that you will be up against will be either underworld, and maybe overworld. This will almost always be usable in any battle.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cards That Shouldn't Be Ultra Rares

I was going through the collection page trying to think of an article to write about, when it hit me: there are several ultra rare cards that just don't deserve to be ultra rares. There are some cards that are borderline that I can't say "don't deserve" to be ultra rare, but there are at least a few that don't belong in the ranks of Lord Van Bloot and Heptadd.

1. Mugic Reprise
I am not saying that this is a bad card. It has a very interesting ability that may see some play, but with the cost of two mugic counters, just to get back another mugic card which will cost you even more, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it. The overworlders don't have too many creatures with that many mugic counters, and the ones that do have pretty nice abilities that I would rather use over casting this mugic.

2. Song of Deflection
I am pretty sure that everyone saw this one coming. There currently is no mipedian that can cast this mugic without the use of a Mugician's Lyre. Most of the mipedian creatures are more back line creatures, so you wouldn't get the chance to use the Mugician's Lyre. This ability is great, and would come in handy, but the cost is just too great to be a feasible choice.

3. Lake Ken-I-Po
The location isn't that bad I suppose, but it is far from great. In 6v6 this location may see some play, with more mugic opens up more variation, and that includes the Refrain of Denials. As of now, you would want to keep your mugic to three mugics that will be usable in almost any match. Until Refrain of Denials see more play, I would switch out Lake Ken-I-Po with another more useful location.