Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rally the Troops!

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on my last blog post, a new poll over at has people voting what their favorite card game is. Chaotic isn't doing as well is I think it should be doing, so let's show our support! The poll is on the main page on the left hand side a little less than halfway down. Let's see how well we can do! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Posting some card images for a player :)

A player asked be for some pictures of older cards from a website, so I thought I would help him out :).

Chaotic Card of the Week February 25

Thanks to Reihaku, I think it's time we talked about Fliandar. If you want to know what I'm talking about, look at his latest video on youetube :):

Courage: 85
Power: 45
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 35
Energy: 60

Now isn't this a fun little guy? 65 energy, 95 courage and 85 wisdom at his maximum, he is a pretty strong creature to begin with. Then you go into his awesome ability. Healing all of his damage can be a maximum of 60 energy if you use it right, and even more if you raise his energy with mugic, battlegear, or other card effects.

If you infect all of the creatures on the board (all 12 creatures) you will be able to use his ability 4 times. At 60 energy per heal, that is a total of healing 240 energy. Put him in the right deck, and you will be set for the entire match! :).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Card Discussion 2

Wow, this is going to come up a lot later than I thought, but life sure gets in the way some times!

Let's talk about Mivindal. I personally like him. He pretty much gives you an extra copy of any mandiblor in your army. On top of getting an extra fighter for free, you get an additional mugic counter to cast one of your mugics if you need it.

Mivindal is the creature version of Talisman of Mandiblor, but you don't have to wait for him to be engaged so you can use his ability. This makes him more versitile than a regular danian mugic caster with a Talisman of Mandiblor, but choosing between the two of them is a matter of preference.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Card Discussion 1

I'm sorry about missing two card of the weeks. Seeing as it isn't wednesday, I won't call this a Card of the Week, but it will be some card discussion. Let's get started, shall we?

First card I will like to talk about is Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Arts.

This is a really nifty little card that I like to use. The control decks like danian infection should be a great home for a card like this. If you are up against a serious underworld burn deck, this card will stop your opponent from dealing damage to your creatures, and when the turn is over, you can put this card on your Queen, or other creatures you want to protect, and they will be safe from most of your opponent's big damage dealers :).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't tell you how crazy things are...

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Here is the preview I promised:

Landgore is a one build point attack card. Stand aside Primal Smash!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Previews from tcg player

Here are two new battlegear cards previewed on

For those of you who don't know what the new key term "Legendary" is yet, let me fill you in. This key word can be put on any card type: creatures, battlegear, locations, mugic, and attacks. You are only allowed one Legendary card in your deck. Think of it like super unique. If I have a legendary attack in my deck, I wouldn't be able to use a Scepter of the Infernal Parasite as well.

So enjoy the cards, comment on them if you want :). I will be posting my last card preview from Comic Con tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And old picture, but pleanty of other pictures to entertain

Here is another picture of the new Intress, along with a bunch of the other pictures from comic con :):

Monday, February 9, 2009

Comic Con Pictures!

Hi guys! Sorry, things have been a little "chaotic" over here, and it's been really busy. But here are two new card pictures, as well as some other pictures from the Chaotic booth. I'll give you guys more updates tomorrow and the next day :). Today we have a Challor-like battlegear, and a new Agitos card :).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stumping Occasus

Here are the five scenarios (which I changed to seven :P), and my answers to what should happen. I will check my answers with the codemasters at New York Comic Con this weekend, and I will give out prizes afterward. If your entry wasn't chosen, it was probably because you didn't leave your username with your post. I know that it may seem like I have had the time to mull over the questions, but I promise that I started looking at these at 7pm today :P.

1. Lordania

"In iron pillar Lord von bloot uses
canon of casualty on engaded intress to counter intress sacrifices her aqua shield
what is the difference before the attack of Lord von bloot?"

-First off, Intress wouldn't be able to sacrifice her battlegear because of the location, so all 20 damage from canon will be calculated. Nice try :P.

2. Kerberos

"So Prince Mundeenu OLD faces off against LVB in a 1vs1 LVB location is flipped and its gothos tower. PM is equipped with a Spectral Viewer and LVB with a destructozooka, he chose fire. LVB attacks first with an ash torrent dealing 25 damage. PM then uses Fanfare of the Vanishing. PM now attacks with Quick Exit (We assume he wins the challenge)how much damage does he deal.""

-Now this is a good question! I actually had to consult my comprehensive rules to get a good idea. It is pretty much a question of if spectral viewer will stop opposing invisibility from negating your invisibility. I believe that mudeenu's invisibility will work, and he will deal 45 damage (20 from strike, 15 from fanfare, and 10 from the attack).

3. Todd Hakusho -you didn't give me a username, but I have your blogger username, so that is close enough :P.

Now, if you use Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe to attack another Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe, and your card gains a Mugic, will this turn continue on into infinity?"

-No, it wouldn't. The way they worded Najarin's ability as "place" a mugic couner on him will prevent him from triggering against himself.

4. kidmarchand

"If a creature uses Canon of casualties on Glost and Appelai uses song of deflection. Does Appelai gain a mugic?"

-This is another good question, and I might get this one wrong too :P. I am going to say yes, because Appelai is worded as " When a Warbeast you control becomes the target of a Mugic or ability". I believe that because of that when, as soon as your warbeast is targeted, Appelai triggers, so even though it wasn't the target when the canon resolves, Appelai's ability will still work.

5. KnucklesE

"Lets say you were facing BigPanda's nimmie. What is the maximum amount of stats and energy that Nimmie could gain?"

-This isn't really a situation, more of a hypothetical. I couldn't tell you what the maximum is, because the maximum will depend on your opponent having a deck that would actually help your Illexia, it wouldn't make much sense to go looking for it :P.

6. timmyv

"I pull Trills of Diminution on Fivarth with Challor. Would that work?"

-Nope :P. You wouldn't be able to play Trills of Diminution because Fivarth can't be targeted to begin with.

7. Gobliin

"Anger'Kreem is Batteling Chaor (or any other creature)and it has 4 mugic counters. Anger use Swarming Destruction (who should do 0) but use is ability to do 25."

-No, the Swarming Destruction's dealing 0 ability will supersede Anger's ability.

Chaotic Card of the Week-February 4

This week's card is Supercooled Rain:

For five build points, Supercooled Rain is a really costly attack, but for dealing 40 damage, and making your opponent lose 4 mugic counters, some players think it is worth the cost. Playing this attack early on will effectively shut down a few of your opponent's mugic cards for the rest of the match. Many decks rely on have an exact number of mugic counters to play their cards, and usually don't have to many mugic counters to pay for anything else.

There is no doubt that Supercooled Rain is good, it is just a matter of whether or not if it is worth the price of 5 build points.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stump Occasus, win a prize!

I think it is time for a little bit of a contest. Here is how it will work: you guys will send me questions on how cards will work in a certain situation, and I will tell you what I think is suppose to happen. I will then check with some people who REALLY know what should happen, and for every one I get wrong, I will give the asker of the question a prize. The first five people to leave comments on this topic, which includes their username and a question, will be entered into the contest.

So get thinking! :)