Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic Con Photos

As promised, here are some pictures that I took of the chaotic display case while I was there :).

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 30

'ello! Welcome to the July 30th Card of the Week Article! This week's card is Ranun :).

Courage: 45
Power: 25
Wisdom: 55
Speed: 45
Energy: 35

Some are probably wondering "Why do a card that is only good in one deck?" Well, the short answer is that I'm not. Ranun is a great addition to many Mipedian decks.

Mipedians are missing some key mugic casters in the game right now, and Ranun is a pretty good fit. He has two mugic counters, and his healing ability will be able to help you out when you need it.

Having Conjurors in your army has a few other benefits, mostly through Ravita Flower. By equipping a Ravita Flower to one of your other creatures, you can give Ranun two more mugic counters which will give you more options with your mugic cards, or you can use the extra counters to heal your creatures that extra 20 energy, which can easily give you the edge in battle :).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 23

This week's card is Kopond :).

Now some of you loyal blog viewers may have noticed that my card of the week posts usually do not include cards that are from the dominant Underworld powerhouse deck. That is mostly because everyone already knows that they are good, so why both writing about it?

Kopond is one of those creatures where you can swap it out with an ulmar if you are running one, but with every change to a deck, there are going to be some benefits, and some drawbacks. Ulmar can deal 20 damage with his ability, and Kopond can only deal 15, but she (he?) will have a mugic counter left. There aren't that many Underworld creatures with 3 mugic counters, Kopond and Chaor are the only ones, so you may play her just for the extra mugic counter, but with 25 energy, and the other underworld creatures with a large amount of mugic counters like Bloot and Chaor, the extra mugic counter isn't always a necessity.

So, its up to you which you prefer :).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Warbeasts Revisted

Hello again! I just got a Blazvatan yesterday, so I have been testing out different warbeast decks, and I am just wowed, both at how awesome and cool this deck is, and in how wrong my original approach to the deck is. This is the current deck that I am running. I need to give credit to bahamutlord.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Uboraan/Torweg
2. Ere/Warbeast Powerleash
3. Ranun/Ravita Flower
4. Ranun/Ravita Flower
5. Blazvatan/Torweg
6. Bylkain/Heptadd's Crown

2x Hurlicane
1x Inferno Gust
2x Lightning Burst
2x Pebblestorm
2x Progressive Speed
2x Blind Fury
1x Shadow Strike
1x Cyclone Slam
1x Sunder Ground
2x Thunder Shot
2x Velocitrap
1x Vine Snare
1x Trampling Tackle

1x Defender's Song
1x Gear Glissando
2x Song of Shelters
2x Melody of Mirage

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x Catacombs of the Conjurors
2x Crystal Caves
2x Rao'Pa Sahkk

Some Strategy:
1. If your opponent gets to go first, you always want to play Defender's Song as soon as you can. This way if your opponent wants to attack your front line Ranun, you can easily swap him out with your Blazvatan. Same goes if you are in a mirror match up, you can save your back line Conjurors.
2. If you go first, use Ere to attack at your opponent's back line creatures.
3. As soon as you can, you want to move your Ranun who is up front back to where your other warbeasts to protect him.
4. Gear Glissando is a great mugic. It can stop Skeletal Steed, or take down your opponent's battlegear for a turn. If you need the mugic counters, you can use it on your Ranun with the Ravita Flower to get an extra mugic counter.
5. The Song of Shelters are there to stop Underworld decks from either taking down your conjurors, or your warbeasts, but they aren't too strong in the mirror match up.
6. Remember to save your Melody of Mirages for when you really need them. Blazvatan is your key card, if you lose him, you may be in trouble.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 16

Hello again, welcome to my blog. Some of you may have noticed, but there is a new Subscribe to my blog feature to the right of this post which will keep you on top of all of my chaotic posts :).

This week's card is Kinnianne
Courage: 60
Power: 35
Wisdom: 65
Speed: 60
Energy: 50

I personally fell in love with this card once I played against an overworld deck that used her. Unlike Raznus, Kinnianne can actually benefit the overworld side of your deck. Her first ability is alright, but that is not what makes Kinnianne so special.

Overworld mugic is only really good for fixing problems after they happened. Song of Resurgence can only repair the damage after it happened, but Melody of Mirage can stop the attack from happening in the first place. Not only that, but Song of Resurgence can only heal 20 damage. It can never do anything more, but Melody of Mirage could stop a full power Allmageddon worth 50 damage! And let's not forget about Song of Shelter which will protect your creatures from your opponet's mugic.

If you wanted to go for the offensive route, there is Fanfare of the Vanishing, but that is only 15 points of damage, where with Melody of Mirage and Song of Shelter you can save your creatures much more damage.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 9

Strain of the Tide
This is probably one of the most powerful Overworld mugics released at this point. This mugic is best saved for your last creature that can battle. If your deck uses a creature in the clean-up position, this mugic is perfect for you. Imagine having your Maxxor is in the back row just as all of your other creatures are destroyed. That means that you will be able to heal your Maxxor 50 points of damage! And that is without even using a mugic counter! Your opponent will think that you are all out of tricks when you pull this out of nowhere!

It is free points of healing, any of your overworld creatures can use it, and it is an all around good card. It is a must for any overworld deck. So if you get the chance, pick one up :).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 2

Happy July everyone!

Ravita Flower
Ravita Flower is one of those hidden gems most sets have. It is something that you look at and think "Oh, that's nice, hurray for the Warbeast players." Well, that is only half right. Ravita Flower is something that can be put in many Mipedian decks. Conjurors don't need to be in only Warbeast decks. Ranun is a great mugic caster for a mipedian deck. With 2 counters, and the ability to heal your creatures, he is a perfect fit.

If Ravita Flower is in your deck and you give the counters to Ranun (remember, you don't need to equip it to Ranun, any creature will work!) you pretty much just gave yourself 20 point of healing that you can use to defeat your opponent. With two extra mugic counters, you might also be able to afford expensive mipedian mugic like Song of Deflection or Fighters' Fanfare. Mipedians don't only need Warbeasts to be powerful :).