Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-April 30

Welcome to my second week of Chaotic Card of the Week! This week's card is Lomma:

Card Text: Defender Water 5 The first attack against THIS each combat deals 10 less damage.

Tribe: OverWorld
Courage: 55
Power: 50
Wisdom: 60
Speed: 35
Energy: 40
Elements: [Water]

Right off the bat you should see that Lomma is a fairly decent creature. She is a strictly better version of Intress, except for 20 speed, but seriously, it doesn't matter. Lomma was another front runner in another codemaster deck from the New York Comic Con. Lomma really does work out great in an elemental and wisdom based deck. Her defender allows you to pick and choose who gets to fight instead of your opponent, and we all know how fun it is to mess with your opponent ;).

Defender? Not bad. Water 5? Nice. The first attack dealing 10 less damage? Amazing! Lomma will be a great addition to many overworld decks, and she will probably find her way in to the metagame somewhere in the future.

I remember reading a post on the forums about there not being enough girl creatures, but with Lomma, I think things even themselves out a little bit.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Building on a Budget

Hello, and welcome to a new article type which I hope will be a recurring theme :). I am going to post show you a deck list which doesn't rely on "many" expensive cards like the big four. Most of these will not be decks that can compete against the "chaor, bloot, and beyond!" deck, but they should still function somewhat.

Here is the first deck: Fire Strike
This was one of my first decks which got me into the top 100. I am sure it is harder to get into the top 100 now, but it still should do alright for what it is.

Tianne/Prism of Vacuity

2x Ember Swarm
2x Flame Orb
2x Flash Kick
2x Incinerase
2x Inferno Gust
2x Spirit Gust
2x Squeeze Play
2x Steam Rage
2x Torrent of Flame
2x Ash Torrent

2x Cordac Falls
1x Cordac Falls Plungepool
1x Glacier Planes
2x Lava Pond
2x Mipedim Desert
2x Underworld Colosseum

2x Fanfare of the Vanishing
1x Melody of Mirage

This deck is an easier to make version of the Brathe/Mudeenu deck.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-April 23

Welcome to my first installment of Chaotic Card of the Week :)

This week's card is Garv!

Card Text: [1MC]: Flip target Battlegear face-up or face-down. Unique

Tribe: OverWorld
Courage: 50
Power: 25
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 30
Energy: 55

At first, you can see that he is an alright creature, but you don't really see him getting actual play time. First impressions are often deceiving!

I once thought that, but I learned a lot from my trip to the New York Comic Con. Obviously Garv isn't a front lines creature meant to battle, but he is a great support creature. Allow me to let you in on a little secret ;).

Garv's battlegear of choice would be the Orb of Foresight, or the Flux Bauble. Because both battlegear only say "At the beginning of combat" it doesn't specify that it has to be the combat that that creature is in. With Garv's ability, you can flip this battlegear face-up at the beginning of the match, so you will be setting up your attacks or locations for the rest of the match. That just may be the edge you need to take down the competition!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desert Sands-Mini Preview

I want to credit Redmars for this information :). This is basically what he wrote, with a few edits on my part.

Gnarlus C 50 Creature Mipedian Warpainter?
P 30
W 30
S 65
E 45
Damage which would be dealt to Gnarlus by mugic deals 0 damage instead.
()() Until end of turn damage which would be dealt to target creature by mugic deals 0 damage instead.

The Doomhammer- Battlegear- Attack cards played by equipped creature deal an additional 5 damage to underworld and danian creatures.
If equipped creature is danian it gains earth 5.
If equipped creature is underworld it gains 50 power.

Hurlicane- Attack- Air 10
Air: your engaged creature loses air until end of turn.

Tune of Xerium- Mipedian Mugic-() Sacrifice a battlegear. If you do, return another target battlegear from your discard pile to play. Equip it to an unequipped creature you control.

The Hunter's Perimeter-Location
When this becomes the active location mipedians gain Invisibility: Surprise? until end of turn.
At the beginning of combat reveal a new active location.
Mirage invisibility cannot be negated.

Starting Post

I thought that making a post to talk about Chaotic strategy and upcoming released would be a great idea :).