Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have been toying around with the fluidmorph deck concept (thanks to thecougard :P) and I thought I should post one variant I came up with.


1 2 3
4 5

1. Issaley/Torrent Krinth
2. Ikub'ra/Kha'rall Freshwater Shard
3. Issaley/Torrent Krinth
4. Dror'niq/Challor
5. Mock'Adyn/Heptadd's Crown
6. Anger'keem/Challor

2x Rhyme of the Reckless
2x Denial Refrain of the Deep
1x Melody of Mirage
1x Song of Shelter

2x Rage of Aa'une
2x Burning Rain
2x Rip Tide
2x Ghost Gouge
2x Mind Strike
2x Liquescent Swirl
2x Invader's Tactics
2x Kha'rall Crush
2x Marksman's Preparation
2x Caustic Cascade


2x Mount Pillar Reservoir (Foothold)
2x Riverlands (Foothold)
2x Vidav's Relectorium
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Everain

Friday, December 26, 2008

The votes are in!

It looks like the third piece of art won the art vote with almost half of the entire votes! But look, our card is empty!

It is up to you guys to fix that! In this round of Community-Make-A-Card, I want all of you to make this creature's average stats, elements, creature type, and text box. Here is how it will work: you send me a PM labeled "Community Make-A-Card" or something like that so I know what the PM is for, and you tell me how you think we should make this card. I will take the best few ideas that are submitted and we will vote on which ones we think are the best.

Remember, this portion of the Make a Card is for the functionality of the card only. Do not send me a name for the creature, or any flavor text. We will be adding those in later.

Also, try not to make your creature over powered. No one really wants to have a large hulk of a creature that can't be beat. Be creative, and try to stay true to the art of the creature.

To make things interesting, I will be giving away free OP cards to whoever makes it to the voting round. I will be judging on creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly, balanced.

To give you guys an idea of balanced...
-Anything with more than 3 mugic counters is pushing it
-Be careful with giving a creature with multiple high stats, try to limit those to one or two
-If you feel that your creature is too strong, think of a weakness. Exhaust and recklessness are two common examples of weaknesses that balance a card, but remember that you aren't limited to only those!
-Also think hard about how many elements you give him. We don' need a completely superior Heptadd walking around in he mipedian desert!
-Try to stay within the flavor of the mipedian tribe. You can try to go in a new direction, that is encouraged, but try not to make a this card's ability look like it should go in another tribe :).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-December 24

Remember to play in a match today guys! Don't forget about the special Wednesday reward :).
This week's card is Vial of Liquid Thought.

When I first saw this card I knew I would have some fun with it. Attack control is a huge factor in this game. There is a reason why I chose H'earing before: having as much control as you can is important. Weather it is changing your opponent's hand, or it is getting your own strong attacks back.

The new three build point attacks are seeing a lot more play lately, and they are so expensive that you can't play more than a few in a deck, but when you use them, they are a game turner. Having another one of those attacks to throw at your opponent may be the difference between winning and losing a game.

Please rate it out of 10 :).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Community Make a Card Part 3

Ok guys, time to choose the art. I am a bit disappointed that it was mipedian though, lizard art is a tad hard to find :P.

Piece #1

Piece #2

Piece #3

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Bloot and others

Check out the rest of the new preview cards :):

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Double Trouble?

I think a few people already posted about this over at the main forums, but I want to compare the "twin" sisters from the new set, Aivenna and Nivenna.

First off, you can see that the two names are only on letter off, the color of their skin switches with the color of their hair, their poses are mirror versions of each other, and both feature a famous creature from a the base set in the background, but how else are they similar?

One is the classic fighter: high energy, and something to power its attacks, and the other is the classic support creature: low energy, large amount of mugic counters and a mugic ability.

Nivenna has pretty high wisdom, not too many underworlders have as high of an intellengence. That is pretty overworld-y of her. Not to mention the fact that her ability powers up your creatures instead of hurting your opponent's. That is also pretty uncharacteristical for an underworlder.

There are a few other obvious similarities with the creatures. They have the same power and wisdom. Aivenna as two forms of Outperform 5, while Nivenna gives creatures you control an element 10 of your choice, which is sort of like having two element 5's. Then there is the mugical difference. Nivenna has 3 counters, which is the largest amount a creature has been given so far, and Aivenna has the lowest amount of mugic counters.

Their abilities reflect off of each other as well. Nivenna powers up all of your warriors, and Aivenna's support ability only works if you have a muge. Doesn't that seem weird? These two creatures seem to be made to be put in the same army, but because of their Loyalty, they aren't able to. It is possible that they are hinting at a possible way to bypass Loyalty in the future, or they might just be messing with us. Who knows?

These creatures seem to work in opposite directions, but also seem to want to work together. Any thoughts?

Chaotic Card of the Week-December 17

This week, we are getting into the M'arrillian spy, Phelphor!

Courage: 35
Power: 40
Wisdom: 60
Speed: 55
Energy: 40

Phelphor is a really versatile creature. Not only is he a Fluidmorpher which gives you a large amount of mugic counters, but he isn't loyal! This creature may see play in many different decks, not only the traditional M'arrillian Chieftain army that we have gotten used to. Any deck can use the extra mugic counters in their deck, like in the updated overworld deck I posted a few weeks ago. Stick Phelphor in the back, and use him to cast all of your generic mugic and save your other counters for whatever you want.

Now on to his other abilities. Anyone who played the original version of Phelphor got a good idea on how moving your opponent's creatures can be useful in terms of attacking their back row mugic casters, or move their attacking creatures away from your vulnerable creatures.

So, like always, rate him out of 10 :).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Community Make a Card

Well, the creature card one, but what kind of creature are we going to make? Each week we will get more specific on the kind of creature we will be working on. This week, we will be deciding the tribe of the creature :).

Please vote in the poll to the right :).

Friday, December 12, 2008


Don't forget to vote in my most recent poll! Ok, I know Creature is going to win, but still! Prove me wrong!

Also, check out the Flash game I put in my last post! :)

Special Treat!

Do you guys remember the 1v1 flash game? Well now you guys can play it directly from my blog :).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Card of the Week December 10

This week's card is Nimmei!

Courage: 75
Power: 45
Wisdom: 35
Speed: 50
Energy: 50

I know there is a whole new set of potential Cards of the Week, but you just can't say no to a good bug :P. Nimmei is a huge win for the danian fans out there. If played right, your Nimmei can have more than 100 energy and his stats can be put through the roof!

I have only played against a Nimmei based deck a few times where the player maxes out on infected creatures and mandiblores, and I can tell you that Nimmei is one tough creature! I think that a Nimmei deck built right can be just as competitive as a Bladez deck or Invisibility Strike deck.

Nimmei's high energy and high stats makes him strong against regular decks, but also against the M'arrillian drain decks which have been popping up lately. So he is definately a card any danian player should think about putting in!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Community Make-a-Card

Hey guys! Over the next few weeks, we are going to have a group create a card! Each week, we will come close to making the card. This week we are going to decide what type of card we are going to make. In the future weeks we will be choosing card art, the card text, a name, flavor text, and other parts depending on what type of card we will be making.

So what type of card do you guys want to make?-vote in poll on the right :).

1. Creature
2. Battlegear
3. Mugic
4. Location
5. Attack

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deck Updating: Elemental Twister

Before I get into this, I want to say that the name is really false advertising. This deck, although is still an overworld deck, has nothing to do with Elemental Twister, or Elementalists.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Gronmor/Viledriver
2. Gronmor/Viledriver
3. Tangath Toborn, In Training/Torrent Krinth
4. Tartarek, Psi Overloader/Destructozooka
5. Karraba/Challor
6. Karraba/Challor

2x Steam Rage
1x Torrent of Flame
2x Incinerase
2x Purifying Mud
1x Liquescent Swirl
2x Elemental Oxidation
2x Reckless Defeat
2x Ember Swarm
2x Heat Rage
2x Perplexing Heat
2x Outwit

2x The Darkened Dunes
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Riverlands
2x Mount Pillar Reservoir Neth'uar's Foothold
1x Imaginary Walls
1x Kiru City

1x Strain of the Tide
2x Rhyme of the Reckless
1x Song of Resurgence
1x Nourishing Nocturne
1x Psionic Serenade

Gronmor is your best creature. He is a better version of all of your fighting creatures. Tartarek probably won't be fighting much at all. He is the creature that you will be sacrificing to Nourishing Nocturne, and depending on his energy, you might also use Psionic Serenade with him. Remember that these mugics shouldn't be used to win battles that you could win with one of your creatures.

Remember that you have two Karabas. You need to make sure that you use their healing ability before you use them to cast mugic with them. If you cast mugic first, their healing ability won't be as effective. Use the counters on Tangath first. The counters on Tartarek will be used for the Nourishing Nocturne, and remember to keep two mugic counters on one of the Karrabas to play a Psionic Screnade.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vote for Maxxor!

Very important announcement guys! is holding a contest, pretty much a who will win in a fight tournament. Inn the first round, Maxxor is up against Urza, from Magic: the gathering. Now Urza might be a powerful spellcaster, but he is nothing compared to Maxxor's strength and mugical abilities! So let's get voting Chaotic!
-Be warned, the forums on this website contains language not suitable for all children. If you are upset about these things, please do not go to the forums part of the website, but still please vote :).

PS-Tell all of your friends!

Card of the Week December 3

Today we are welcoming in the latest set, with several surprises. Some creatures we used to know back in the good old days of Dawn of Perim are back, albeit, most are evil brainwashed minions, but they are back none the less!

This week's card is H'earring, Tainted.

What happened to H'earring?! He used to be this cute little guy, and now...I can't look at him anymore! At least he came back with a fun new ability. This new H'earing effectively stops your opponent from stacking his or her hand with one or more strong attack cards. You will be able to disable your opponent's Allmageddon before he can even play it, or stop your opponent from flipping your battlegear with an Elemental Oxidation.

I think H'earing is a pretty useful card. Rate him one out of ten :).