Saturday, June 28, 2008

Possible new look

I will be adding some ads to my blog in the near future. The more people who click on the ads, the more money that I will get, and that means I will have more time to devote to articles and other things for the blog :). If you have the time, why not go for it? :P. Anyway, I thought I should tell my loyal blog viewers about the change, and that nothing will change with the current format, but I will probably me spending more time with it.

Insider Information

You heard it here FIRST! I just found out that Chaotic will be having its first big tournament at Gencon Indiana with awesome prize support. If anyone will be in the area, I encourage you to go there :).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mipedian Strike Deck

I have just been trying to get this deck together for a little bit, and seeing as I failied to do anything with first Gauntlet deck, I thought I should put this up soon. I have seen some people saying that the Warbeasts are going to dominate the Mipedian tribe in terms of decks, and I hope that this little deck that I put together will prove them wrong. So here it goes :):


1 2 3
4 5

1. Breathe/Nexus Fuse
2. Kolmo/Staff of Wisdom
3. Breathe/Ravita Flower
4. Prince Mudeenu/Nexus Fuse
5. Xelfe/Challor
6. Ranun/Lightning Canister


2x Delerium
2x Flash Kick
2x Flash Mend
2x Quick Exist
2x Rock Wave
2x Shriek Shock
2x Mind Strike
2x Sleep Sting
2x Spirit Gust
2x Viperlash


2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x The Hunter's Perimeter
2x Mipedim Lounge
2x Glacier Plains


1x Tune of Xerium
1x Fighters' Fanfare
2x Song of Shelter
2x Fanfare of the Vanishing

Some tips with this deck:

1. Use Tune of Xerium to get back a used Nexus Fuse by sacrificing Ranun's Lightning Canister. That way you get the 15 damage from Nexus Fuse plus the five from sending Lightning Canister to the discard pile.
2. Kolmo is right up front for a reason: use him to jump the front line of Creatures and attack your opponent's mugic casters.
3. If you haven't noticed, you have a lot of mugic counters to spare! You should have about 10 to play around with, so you should always have plenty of counters to not only cast mugic, but to use Ranun's healing ability.
4. Mipedim Lounge is only really in there for its initiative, using its ability it too risky to use yourself, and your opponent may end up getting lucky with it. I am considering taking it out for Castle Bohdran because you have so many mugic counters, or maybe Sha-Kree Flats.

Twister of Elementalists Follow-up

This is a beautiful deck. I honestly went through it again and again, and whenever I tried to make a change to it, it only disturbed the balance that Chaotic|Cyklik acheived when he built the deck. The best I could do was change one single location.

Just a note, I might change the positioning of Maxxor. Moving him to position 6 would give him a better chance of using
Strain of the Tide to a fuller effect.

Creatures and Battlegear

1 2 3
4 5

1: Iparu equipped with a Elementalists Pauldrons
2: Heptadd equipped with a Stone Mail
3: Crawsectus equipped with a Elementalists Pauldrons
4: Maxxor equipped with a Mugicians Lyre
5: Kalt equipped with a Challor
6: Karraba equipped with a Challor


Song of Resurgence x2
Rhyme of the Reckless x2
Strain of the Tide
Momental Virtuosity


Twister of Elements x2
Ember Swarm x2
Lightning Burst x2
Riptide x2
Vine Snare x2
Ash Torrent x2
Rustoxic x2
Unsanity x2
Inferno Gust
Sunder Ground x2


Carnival of Confusion x2
Kiru City x2
Gigantempopolis x2
Mepidim Mirage x2-Changing to Sands of the Unseenx2
Rao'Pa Sahkk, The Ocean with No Water x2

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 25

This week's card is...

Anyone who plays 6v6 enough will tell you that there is next to no point of putting battlegear on your backline mugic casters. If they are going to become engaged, they will most likely lose no matter what happens, so battlegear doesn't help them much at all.

So what does Challor bring to cards you play? Well, because it is revealed at the start of the match, it can be equipped to a backline creature with low energy to protect them from an underworld assault of damage dealing abilities. But what else can it do? Warbeast armies will probably like this card especially, seeing as conjurers are your life line, and protecting them is extremely important, but this battlegear an also be used to protect a prized creature. Blazvatan is extremely difficult to beat, right? Imagine how strong he would be if he couldn't be targeted with an ulmar ;).

All and all, I think that Challor is a card which can find a home in just about every deck, no matter the tribe or strategy. I give it 4 stars :D.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 18

First off, I apologize for this being a day late, there were some technical difficulties on my end when trying to get this up, so here we go :).

Mipedim Mirage

This is a great location for almost any aggressive deck. You can use this to force your opponent to attack one of your stronger creatures, or use it to protect your back line creatures.

Once it can trigger its mirage ability and you can place it on the battleboard, you need to determine if you want to use it offensively, or defensively. If you want to use the location aggressively, you should place it on a strong creature that you control that is near your opponent's back line. That way, your opponent will be forced to attack your strong creature, even if it is a weak mugic caster. If you want to play the defensive route, you should place the location on another strong creature you control that is in front of your mugic casters. No if your opponent wanted to move in on your mugic casters, they will need to move in on your stronger creature instead of moving into your mugic caster's space.

This isn't the only mirage location that is of value in Silent Sands! Try to see if you can find a good location that can fit into your strategy.

Monday, June 16, 2008

M'arrilian Invasion!

Just a little shout out to savage for showing us the website with the preview of M'arrillian
invasion. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to write this! :) I am going to go through each of the five cards that they previewed to us, and explain what they either mean, or how they may affect the game play in the future.

Come on, just look at this card. This is definitely meta game material. This is just another step in creating a meta game that isn't so centered around the underworld. This will find a home in an elementalist pauldrons deck, or many of mipedian decks which will emerge after the release of silent sands.

The ability to set up your attack deck for the next four attacks is a very powerful thing. You will get the chance to completely plan your attack against your opponent. You will almost always get the cards that you need in order to win with the exact amount of damage required to beat him or her. This will allow you to save your strongest attacks for the right time, or will allow you to burn attacks that you don't really need.

This mugic is average. I don't know if it will see much play. It won't see anything in 3v3, but it might see some in 6v6 or 10v10. It is strictly worse than Canon of Casualty, so there isn't much more I can say.

Mind Grind
This card introduces a new ability: Stat Fail. From what I can tell, it is if the attacking creature does not have that stat or lower, he will get to deal that much damage. It is an obvious next step in the Stat Check and Challenge attacks. This may improve that value of lower stat versions of creatures.

I saved the Open Doors of the Deepmines and Frafdo the Hero for last because they give insight on each other, and helps explain what Frafdo means.

Frafdo the Hero

Unlike Kolmo, Assimilated and the other Assimilated creatures, this Frafdo has a different name from the original Frafdo, so you can two of each in your deck. Frafdo is something called a minion, which you can tell by that new blue symbol in his text box, and that watermark where his overworld mark used to be. He is still technically an overworlder. If you look at the top left of his card, you will see that his overworld emblem is still there, but he has obviously fallen to the M'arrillian mind control powers. Now look at what the Open Doors of the Deepmines says. This means that the blue symbol means that he can only use his energy gain ability if you have a Chieftain, or something to do with Chieftains.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Assimilated Vs Original

Today, I am going to discuss the differences between the original and assimilated versions of the same creature.


Courage: 60------------------------Courage: 75
Power: 55-------------------------- Power: 70
Wisdom: 50------------------------ Wisdom: 30
Speed: 40-------------------------- Speed: 60
Energy: 65------------------------- Energy: 60

Now as you can see, the artwork isn't the only thing to have changed! This new Kolmo has one more mugic counter, 17 more courage, 15 more power, and 20 more speed, but has lost 20 wisdom and 5 energy. There are more changes than just its stats...

Kolmo has lost his air element, and it has been replaced by the danian classic earth element. And not just that! The danians warped his invisibility powers to work against his former allies. His range and swift is replaced by a one use teleport to anywhere on the board. This may prove useful, but I would rather have the range and swift back. That way you could use him to take out the backline creatures.

Hammerdoom Chantcaller:

Courage: 50------------------------Courage: 70
Power: 55--------------------------Power: 40
Wisdom: 40------------------------Wisdom: 55
Speed: 55--------------------------Speed: 55
Energy: 65-------------------------Energy: 55

Like Kolmo, Hammerdoom has lost his element, and it has been replaced by the Danian Earth element. But this time he lost a mugic counter instead gaining one, and his abilities changed a bit more. As for his stats, he now has a stat that is somewhat useful now, his courage.

Again, like kolmo, the ability that was meant to attack the danians has been warped to destroy his former tribe. He will gain back the 10 energy that he is now lacking thanks to his fire proof, and his ability will all increase against the underworlders. Give him the doomhammer, and that is 10 damage to all underworlders, plus an earth 5!


Courage: 60------------------------Courage: 50
Power: 20--------------------------Power: 20
Wisdom: 70------------------------Wisdom: 75
Speed: 40--------------------------Speed: 30
Energy: 40-------------------------Energy: 50

Ruznus is very different than any other of the Assimilated creatures. With the other two, they lost all of their elements, and it was replaced by earth. This time, Raznus only lost his earth element, but kept his water element. This is very weird, and unique to the other two.

This Raznus is a completely different creature than the original Raznus. The stats are similar, but he has 10 more energy than the old Raznus, one less mugic counter, and a whole new ability that in no way resembles the old one. It makes you wonder if something went wrong with the infection of Raznus.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 11

Yesterday, we were shown the cards from the next set, Silent Sands. So, I thought that it would be appropriate to make this week's card of the week a very special one from Silent Sands...

My favorite card from the new set, Blazvatan!

Courage: 150
Power: 75
Wisdom: 50
Speed: 150
Energy: 70

Just look at that! Not only does his energy is high enough to compete with Chaor and Bloot, but his stats are rediculous! Simply rediculous. He has the highest courage and speed in the game up to this point. One of Bloot's strongest assets is his speed, well he doesn't have an edge any more.

Some may say that his recklessness is too much of a draw back, but on the contrary, it is an asset. You have conjorers in the back to take care of his recklessness damage, so you can use cards like Harnessed Rage without risking anything.

Now let's look at what else he has. Not only does he have two very powerful elements, but he has element 5 for both of them! If you can build a good deck around him, he IS stronger than any of the big 4.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Competitive Deck Building

I have a few deck lists posted for building on a budget, so what about the competitive players out there? This is the first deck that I am posting that I think may join the meta game as a serious competitor. This little deck I like to call Blaze Barrage.

Titanix/Warbeast Power Leash -------Blazvatan/Warbeast Power Leash -------Titanix/Ur-Shard

------Bylkian /Challor--------Fivarth/Ravita Flower

-------------Bylkian /Challor

2x Harnessed Rage (6)
2x Enlightened Tenacity (4)
2x Reactive Resolution (6)
2x Skeletal Strike (4)
2x Shadow Strike (0)
2x Velocitrap (0)
2x Evaporize (0)
2x Spirit Gust (0)
2x Shriek Shock (0)
2x Ekto Plasm

2x Dranakis Threshold
2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x Runic Grove
2x Catacombs of the Conjurors

2x Fanfare of the Vanishing
2x Melody of Mirage
2x Song of Shelter

Note: I had a very difficult time balancing the attack cards for this deck, so I this is a work in progress. I would like some feedback on that.

I saved this deck list until after they showed us the new cards, because you guys wouldn't know which cards I was talking about.

Su.koval/Elementalist Pauldrons---Iparu/Lightning Canister---Su.koval/Elementalist Pauldrons

Elemental Oxidation x2
Blaze Barrage x2
Purifying Mud x2
Elementalist psyblast x2
Lightning Burst x2
Vine Snare x2
Freeze Flash x2
Sunder Ground
Liquescent Swirl x2

2x Doors to the Deepmines
2x Kiru City
2x The Darkened Dunes
2x Carnival of Confusion
2x Sands of the Unseen


1x Tune of Xerium (Use this to get back an elementalist pauldrons to equip it to imparu)

2x Song of Resurgence

2x Hymn of the Elements

1x Rhyme of the Reckless

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 4

Welcome yet again to another installment to Chaotic Card of the Week! This week's card is Momark :).

Courage: 50
Power: 20
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 35
Energy: 30

He is currently the strongest Overworld mugic caster in existence. No creature can compare with his three mugic counters, until the next set that is ;).

He is a structurally sound creature. He can survive a canon of casualty, which is something that would destroy some other back line creatures. If your opponent wanted to destroy Mommark, he would need to waste 30 points of damage, which is what you would heal with him anyway. Think of Mommark as a 30 points of damage shield.

Just about every Overworld deck can be improved with him. He is a healer, a mugic caster, and he looks cool :P. Keep him in the back row, and protect him. He is your life line!