Friday, March 27, 2009

From the Gauntlet-Aggro Decks

"Hey guys! Welcome back to From the Gauntlet, your one stop shop for all your chaotic strategy needs! This will be part one of a three part series where I am going to explore the three major deck types in the metagame. Those of you who are familiar with other card games might have heard these terms before, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant when it comes to Chaotic. Over the next three weeks, I will talk about aggro, combo, and control decks. This week will focus on one of the most popular of the deck types: the aggro deck...."

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Card of the Week-March 25

The collection page on the main website doesn't seem to like me, so please enjoy this image courtesy of :).

This week's card is Aftermath Feint. Aftermath Feint has seen some growth in popularity lately, and for good reason. Who doesn't like getting a new hand? Who doesn't like to get rid of both Incinerases you have been keeping in your hand since the beginning of the match, or maybe you are just looking to turn your Outwit into a Plasmaarrow? Whatever the case, Aftermath Feint is a card you might consider in your deck.

We have all been in one of those matches that you know you can't win. In a battle, I don't think a Karraba will stand up against a Gronmor. Chances are, you should use this time to prepare for upcoming battles, and what better way then with this card?

Not to mention the beautiful synergy with Bladez. Bladez turns this into a 15 damage attack, with a killer ability if things turn against you in a fight.

Like always, rate out of 10 :).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rule Changes #1

New topic on is up! Check it out, and discuss here :).

Friday, March 20, 2009

From the Gauntlet

Welcome back for another installment of From the Gauntlet. After mulling over what to write about for a while (and trust me, it was a good while) I finally selected a topic. Today we’ll review some tips and tricks that you should use while playing Chaotic that can improve your game and chances of winning. As usual here in From the Gauntlet I will also present a deck list which exemplifies these tips...

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Friday, March 13, 2009

New Turn of the Tide Previews!

If you check out the collection, you will see some new cards from the next set. Enjoy :).


The website is up! Tell me if you find anything interesting ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bungle in the Jungle, CCTW-March 11

Welcome back for yet another card of the week! :)

This week we are going to celebrate a favorite location of mine: The Heart of the Jungle. No one likes it when their awesome overworld healing lineup is stopped dead in its tracks by a Gan'trak army. This location gives you a turn of safety. Chances are, your creatures have at least one stat that is higher than all of your opponent's stats, so if your opponent would start lowering your stats, he is signing his own creature's death warrent.

But I'm not saying that only overworlders can benefit from this sort of card. Any player who wants to show those darned M'arrillians a thing or two might find some use for this card. The Kha'rall's intimidate will backfire on themselves, and Gan'trak will only end up stopping his own creatures.

So, rate this location out of ten like always :).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Look What I found!

I was just fooling around online, thinking about what organized play has in store this year, and that the current OP website hasn't been updated in a while. I sort have stumbled upon this link, check it out.

What do you think it is?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-March 4

This week's card is Agrino Jaldar.

Agrino Jaldar is an interesting creature. What he lacks in elements, he gains in ability! Minions are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the game, even if they aren't being played with M'arrillians. Most aggressive overworld decks play Gronmor, and many underworld decks will use either Brimflame, or Bladez, or both. Agrino Jaldar's attacks all deal extra damage to them, and you can make up for his lack of elements with a shard, or a destructozooka.

His brianwashed side is just as fun. If you guys hadn't noticed, brainwashed danians seem to like to fight infected creatures, and Agrino Jaldar isn't an exception! On top of dealing more to those creatures, he gains an additional 5 energy for all of your minions, so you can be sure he won't go in as a wimp waiting for hive to activate :).

This week, I want you guys to tell me which version (brainwashed or pure) that you guys think is best.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Website is only a few hours away

Well, the website is officially down, and the new website will be coming up soon. So to fill the void in our Chaotic lives, I figure we should have some discussion here! What do you guys think the new websites will be like? What features do you want to see be added in the new website? Draccoins? Other long awaited features? Let's discuss! :)