Sunday, July 5, 2009

Card of the Week-now with text

I am really sorry for the no text thing, and with the lack of updates. Hopefully, I will get more time to post on the forums and make more posts here on my blog :).

This week's card is Vix'Ben

Ah, Vix'Ben, one of the most inventive uses for fluidmorph to ever come from the R&D lab at TC Digital. It's an ability that uses mugic counters, without actually paying mugic counters.

But, it is a lot more than just an interesting ability. It is both artistic and functional. Vix'Ben is escentially a reusable Refrain of Denial. Over the course of the game, you will probably counter more than a single mugic card, which means you will have at least one mugic card in your hand more than your opponent will. Chaotic is a numbers game, which means you should work to get yourself in a possition of power. More creatures, more mugic, or more build points in your attack deck will put you on the fast track of winning the match you're in.

So, rate him out of 10 :).


Anonymous said...

its not here


Anonymous said...

yay nothing

Heptad14 said...

I think you forgot to post it... lol


Anonymous said...

9/10 for... creativity :P
Seriously though, you kinda forgot to put in the article :P

Anonymous said...

I guess there's no card of the week


Anonymous said...

this one is the best yet!

Tsunai said...

now that it's up... :P lol

Amazing card, definatly worth at least a 9. Using mugic off other creatures like Fluidmorpher's Fanfare, you can use this guy's ability to totally cut off the opponents mugic. On the downside, he won't be casting much himself since he'll be busy blocking the opponent, AND they can always just use a 0 cost they're willing to sacrifice in order to cast a higher cost mugic since his ability chucks every counter on him each time his ability activates. Negation is negation, but you can get around it if you have enough counters