Sunday, August 23, 2009


I hope you enjoy this new preview. Sadly, there is only one more after this, but I'm sure you will all want to know what Maxxor's armor does ;).


Anonymous said...

Its basically like a remake of Skeletal Steed isnt it..? But question about neekwin.
If you sacrificed this battlegear which was equipped onto neekwin. Neekwin would gain water 5 and untargetable but would he also gain range and swift 1. The untargetable troubles me.


Magma said...

That is an awesome Battlegear.

Can't wait to see the armor!

Occasus said...

That is a really good question Booya. This would rarely happen though seeing as you already have range and swift with that card equipped so you can just sacrifice it after you made your jump if it doesn't work.

Oh, the answer is no, it won't work. Abilities check for legal targets twice. Once when the card is played, and the second time is when it resolves. When the ability resolves, Neekwin is untargetable.

Anonymous said...

Oh I ok thanks! :)


I already know what Maxor Armour does I think, just a question whats the rarity?

Anonymous said...

Is it true tha maxxors armor makes attacks that deal 20 or more damage deal 20 instead

OGPLAYA said...

This card will definitely be finding its place in aerdak range kill armies

Anonymous said...

"Is it true tha maxxors armor makes attacks that deal 20 or more damage deal 20 instead"

I hope not, if it was, that would just be abnormally cheap.

Weird name, Bi-Mowercycle? Anyways, it's a good card, you could even give it to your back line creatures so that they could support the frontline.

Anonymous said...

i agree

Mmax27 said...

That gear is alright. Pretty much like Skeletal Steed though..

But I see myself using it on Neekwin..Range and Swift 1, Water 5,and Untargetable..That's pretty good.