Friday, April 25, 2008

Building on a Budget

Hello, and welcome to a new article type which I hope will be a recurring theme :). I am going to post show you a deck list which doesn't rely on "many" expensive cards like the big four. Most of these will not be decks that can compete against the "chaor, bloot, and beyond!" deck, but they should still function somewhat.

Here is the first deck: Fire Strike
This was one of my first decks which got me into the top 100. I am sure it is harder to get into the top 100 now, but it still should do alright for what it is.

Tianne/Prism of Vacuity

2x Ember Swarm
2x Flame Orb
2x Flash Kick
2x Incinerase
2x Inferno Gust
2x Spirit Gust
2x Squeeze Play
2x Steam Rage
2x Torrent of Flame
2x Ash Torrent

2x Cordac Falls
1x Cordac Falls Plungepool
1x Glacier Planes
2x Lava Pond
2x Mipedim Desert
2x Underworld Colosseum

2x Fanfare of the Vanishing
1x Melody of Mirage

This deck is an easier to make version of the Brathe/Mudeenu deck.

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Anonymous said...

this reminds me when some one on a YuGiOh BYOND game gave me a deck idea that was cheap but if I had FGD aka five-headed dragon it would be better...