Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desert Sands-Mini Preview

I want to credit Redmars for this information :). This is basically what he wrote, with a few edits on my part.

Gnarlus C 50 Creature Mipedian Warpainter?
P 30
W 30
S 65
E 45
Damage which would be dealt to Gnarlus by mugic deals 0 damage instead.
()() Until end of turn damage which would be dealt to target creature by mugic deals 0 damage instead.

The Doomhammer- Battlegear- Attack cards played by equipped creature deal an additional 5 damage to underworld and danian creatures.
If equipped creature is danian it gains earth 5.
If equipped creature is underworld it gains 50 power.

Hurlicane- Attack- Air 10
Air: your engaged creature loses air until end of turn.

Tune of Xerium- Mipedian Mugic-() Sacrifice a battlegear. If you do, return another target battlegear from your discard pile to play. Equip it to an unequipped creature you control.

The Hunter's Perimeter-Location
When this becomes the active location mipedians gain Invisibility: Surprise? until end of turn.
At the beginning of combat reveal a new active location.
Mirage invisibility cannot be negated.

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