Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-March 4

This week's card is Agrino Jaldar.

Agrino Jaldar is an interesting creature. What he lacks in elements, he gains in ability! Minions are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the game, even if they aren't being played with M'arrillians. Most aggressive overworld decks play Gronmor, and many underworld decks will use either Brimflame, or Bladez, or both. Agrino Jaldar's attacks all deal extra damage to them, and you can make up for his lack of elements with a shard, or a destructozooka.

His brianwashed side is just as fun. If you guys hadn't noticed, brainwashed danians seem to like to fight infected creatures, and Agrino Jaldar isn't an exception! On top of dealing more to those creatures, he gains an additional 5 energy for all of your minions, so you can be sure he won't go in as a wimp waiting for hive to activate :).

This week, I want you guys to tell me which version (brainwashed or pure) that you guys think is best.


Anonymous said...

Definitely Pure! He may need that hive for energy, but with all the great minions around better watch out for him!

Anonymous said...

I personally love him, my first RotO pack I got one with max energy, added it to my offline & online danian decks it rocks really nicely with hive on and my amber shard up he works very well, so I say pure is better seeing a minion is by itself its made a minion but infected creatures you must infect them yourself or your opponent can do it himself, but I just think it would take longer to get that extra 5 damage to kick in rather than have it start right up...true that theres not way to make a pure creature a minion and infecting would cure that if hes brainwashed but still I say his Pure ability...

Thanks for keeping this blog going Occasus, its really helpful at times :).


EarthWater said...

Pure, you need more and more defenses against the M'arillians now a days

michael said...

minion for sure and am i starting to sence a tyme with you :P

Anonymous said...

Occasus has gone Danian! Horray! You should become a Danian tribe member instead if you want! I'm sure Blargers can hook you up! I too love Danians!


Anonymous said...

His unbrainwashed form is better for a couple of reasons.

1) 5 energy per danian will always be +30 energy early game, while +5 per minion might be 25 if your using only 1 chieftian and no other M'arrillians.

2) 5 damage to minions, a base creature type that lots of great creatures meet. 5 damage to infected creatures, costs mugic or abilities to infect in the first place, and there are some ways to remove infection anyway.

Heck, if you want a one shot whomper, give him a doom hammer and use Danian Elemental Chorral. You end up with a 2-4 element creature, with earth 5, dealing 5 extra to UW and Minions, with upwards of 90 energy in round 1.


Anonymous said...

I just have one thing to say:

Evil Laugh!