Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Card of the Week-March 25

The collection page on the main website doesn't seem to like me, so please enjoy this image courtesy of :).

This week's card is Aftermath Feint. Aftermath Feint has seen some growth in popularity lately, and for good reason. Who doesn't like getting a new hand? Who doesn't like to get rid of both Incinerases you have been keeping in your hand since the beginning of the match, or maybe you are just looking to turn your Outwit into a Plasmaarrow? Whatever the case, Aftermath Feint is a card you might consider in your deck.

We have all been in one of those matches that you know you can't win. In a battle, I don't think a Karraba will stand up against a Gronmor. Chances are, you should use this time to prepare for upcoming battles, and what better way then with this card?

Not to mention the beautiful synergy with Bladez. Bladez turns this into a 15 damage attack, with a killer ability if things turn against you in a fight.

Like always, rate out of 10 :).


Anonymous said...

I rate it 8/10. I think this attack's ability stands out from some of the other attacks and it has a nice name:)

michael said...

I like it I'll give it a 9 but don't you still owe us a card of the week from last week?

Anonymous said...

Definatly a 9, this card has even more amazing tech applications thatn Muge's Edge, and that card has some Major tech, expecailly with Bladez!


Anonymous said...

7/10, you would have to keep it in your hand until the end of battle to gain the effect, and that takes up room in your hand.


Fox said...

no you wouldn't, any time it's played it creates a persistent effect that will go off if you lose the battle.

definably a 9/10, and might just consider it for any deck with sacrificial lambs

Anonymous said...

A turn is the entire battle >_> so yes, it rocks... :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...
Then 8/10


Anonymous said...

It's a play to lose card. With bladez it's ok but I'd rather run blaze barrage or something else that gets me cards but still does damage outside of a combo with a single creature. If it had an element or stat check it would be a staple in those decks but as is its only saving grace is 0 build. So if you have a free slot in your deck and are afraid of stat draining decks weakening your 0build stat check/challenges then toss this in until something better comes.