Friday, May 22, 2009

Return of the Card of the Week

Tell your friends! I'm back with the first CCtW in a very long time, so I hope you aren't that mad.

This week the card is Ailav!

Courage: 50
Power: 30
Wisdom: 90
Speed: 75
Energy: 50

This conjuror is a work of art. He is the ultimate protector of warbeasts. All other conjurors prevent the damage that warbeasts would deal to themselves, but Ailav goes one step further than that. He can prevent all forms of damage. This includes attacks, mugic, abilities, and even the recklessness damage that the warbeasts have.

Not only that, but he is a much more stable conjuror. He isn't a weak defenseless creature like the others. He has 50 energy, and two elements, which is a lot more than the other conjurors can say.

Rate him out of 5 :).


LeoZairo said...

I give him a 5 he is AWSOME! XD

Anonymous said...

3.5 tops
He's a great mipedian support card for warbeasts but he's not perfect. preventing 5 damage hardly puts a dent in the 20-30 reckless most warbeasts seem to have which means if you run him you have to run at least one other conjurer too in an already tight army.
And one mugic means he's only adding a little mugic support to a tribe that is often low on mugic.

Anonymous said...

Rate him 4 out of 5 for similar reasons to the first posting. However, being able to prevent 5 damage to ALL forms of damage is a powerful tool. I would put him as a must have in a warbeast/conjuror setup.


Anonymous said...

Wow, some of you guys don't seem to see how powerful his ability truly is. I'll give him an 8.5/10.

By the way, good to see you back Occasus.

Heptad14 said...

4.5 I could not see why people you not use him in a Mipedian deck he is awesome~!!!

EarthWater said...

Phew, I was about to delete you from my fav list becuase I thought you abbandoned the blog :P, anyway 5/5. Who dosn't want to reduce al damage by 5! and he can actually fight!

Anonymous said...

4 out of 5

I think he is great as a conjuror. The only problem I see is that the 2 elements don't really help you, because most good warbeast armies can take out any threats with the warbeasts and wont really need to fight with a conjuror. Overall he is pretty good.


Anonymous said...