Sunday, August 10, 2008

Building on a Budget 3

Hello there blog viewers! I am back with another installment of building on a budget with a build that I am growing more and more fond of as I toy around with it. So let's get to it!


1. Clodor/Elixir of Tenacity
2. Khybon/Ring of Na'arin
3. Clodor/Elixir of Tenacity
4. Karraba/Mugician's Lyre
5. Lanker/Mugician's Lyre
6. Na-inna/ Staff of Wisdom

2x Shadow Strike
2x Spirit Gust
2x Quick Exit
2x Delerium
2x Squeeze Play
2x Flash Kick
2x Unsanity
2x Sleep Sting
2x Mind Strike
2x Telekinetic Bolt

2x Catle Bohdran
2x Gigantempopolis
2x Kiru City
2x Fear Valley
1x Castle Pillar
1x Iron Pillar

2x Melody of Mirage
2x Rhyme of the Reckless
1x Song of Resurgence
1x Refrain of Denial (Overworld's version)

I guess you can figure out how this deck works. It focuses on courage and wisdom. You can use Lanker to boost your Clodor's courage, or wisdom if you need to, to make the challenges and get a large amount of mugic counters on Clodor. You should try to get some of them on Karraba, but don't feel like you have to. You should stop around 5 or 6 counters on Karraba, any more would just be healing Color more than his max energy. You have plenty of overworld mugic, have Color cast it instead. If you are about to destroy an opponent's creature, use Na-inna to move counters from another creature your opponent controls to the creature who is about to be destroyed. Mugic counter destruction is something that most people don't prepare for, and it can really hamper a deck's strategy.


Dray`Gon said...

This looks like a great deck. I do notice it seems to have a good deal of Mipedian Mugic, so I'm guessing that is why Na'Inna, and Lanker have the Mugician's Lyre. Still, I think if one can afford it, a better battlegear would be Challor for both. They are fairly easy to snipe and Challor adds some protection to reduce the risk. If either of them gets taken out, you lose a lot of effectiveness with this army so they are worth protecting. Other than that, I see it as a great army.

Gobliin said...

I also think it is a interesting army. I was wondering if this deck could also be use to abuse Kopond ability effectively.

Occasus said...

I have thought of the Challors, but if they have one on them, then they cannot be the target of Na-inna's ability.

Occasus said...

And yes, I do have another variant that uses Kopond as well :).