Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week August 27

Today we are looking at Hammerdoom Chantcaller Assimilated :)

Courage: 70
Power: 40
Wisdom: 55
Speed: 55
Energy: 55

As some of you might know, I have been playing with a danian deck after one beat my warbeast deck :P. And way, Hammerdoom Chantcaller is one of those creatures who just carries that deck in underworld matches. With a doomhammer, all of his attacks will deal at least 10 damage, plus the earth five pretty much makes him near invincible.

So basically, I just want to say don't doubt the danians. I think I might me posting my danian deck soon once I clean it up a little bit :).


Anonymous said...

booya03 here. 1st

Anonymous said...

Don't do that 1st nonsense, it adds nothing to the topic and bugs some people. Anyway,s Danian Hammerdoom if much better then the Underworld one. And like you said, with Doomhammer, Hammerdoom is a beast.

Anonymous said...

umm doe'sent hammerdoom all ready have doomhammer on him ? ok just kiding i know that he can have it twice

Anonymous said...

BigPanda here. Hehe I infected you Occasus.:P Danians are pretty awesome and hammerdoom really does carry my deck. Mine has maxxed wisdom speed and energy and average courage.:D

Anonymous said...

I actually run a deck with him in it. Its a nice deck! I'd be willing to share it with you Occasus ( if you want that is) My deck isnt perfect, but its good!


Megaflare said...

Being a Danian deck hat whomped Occasus's warbeast deck,I can say from firsthand experience he plays a mean danian deck D:.

Glad to see you've assimilated into the hive though occasus >:D.

Occasus said...

Well I had to make a danian army after yours beat me :P.

Anonymous said...

occasus defeated..... shoking lol


Megaflare said...

some of it was luck as well >.>.
But Occasus got his revenge later by showing off his new Danian deck XD

Darklord said...

cool but he seems weak compared to the other danians to me

` Darklord