Thursday, August 21, 2008

Card of the Week 8/13 and 8/20

Seeing as I did not make card of the week articles yesterday, or last week, I am going to do both in one gigantic blog post!


People should know that I am completely in love with this card from one of my last blog articles featuring a deck based around Clodor. He has the highest wisdom value out of any Creature currently out, which makes wisdom challenges a breeze! We all should know about the combo with that, Ka-inna and Karaba, so for more information about that, please check out my last Building on a Budget topic :).


Ok, part of the reason I chose Olkiex is because he just works so well with Clodor, and he is a pretty cool looking creature! I wish I could go into more detail, but I keep on getting PMs about the contest. Orannis is the official winner!

But Oliex is a great creature. Most people don't expect much battlegear destruction from overworld, so this is a nice surprize to throw at your opponents. He is strong, but at the same time unessential. You could still easily win the game with out him, but your opponent may have to spend some time to deal with him :).


Anonymous said...

aneocon here saying that i enjoy your advise... Im actually using the Garv stratigy

Anonymous said...

booya here i actually think clodor is better then olkiex depends on wat strategy u use though :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing it p.s michaelnono

dantheman said...

you got this from me occasus

you should give me cred