Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-November 12

This week we're looking at Ebena'bakk :)

I have only played against Ebena'bakkua handful of times, but each of them were a challenge. Not being able to select your own attacks really prevents you from setting up the attacks for your next battle, which can hamper your strategy. Your opponent could be at 5 energy, but you might end up having to waste an Allmageddon on Ebena'bakkua because of it. Just be sure you have enough mugic counters :).

Coming soon: the final piece of the color wheel :).


Anonymous said...

Cool, Ebena'Bakku. You should really suggest some combos in these sections though, it would be helpful to new players and I'd like to examine your thought process (as freaky as that sounds, it isn't).

Anonymous said...

At first I didn't really like this card but once I battled it I almost lost was down to my last creature but luckily at random got force strike!:P

I dont usually play maarillions but Im trying to get one of thse!

Ah i cant wait anymore show us the last color wheel! :)


Occasus said...

I am in the middle of writing it. I would have had it finished yesterday, but life got in the way.

Anonymous said...

Ahh life... good old life eh Occasus .. lol well maybe next week.. if you take hints.. my new favorite M'arrillian is Gan'Trak..*cough card of the week *Cough*

this guy tho, Ebena Bakku looks like he could really hurt you especially if your hitting with creatures like Okaxor.. all containing the same elements

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last post was me ... Hikeda

Anonymous said...

I traded mine....

At the time all my Minions had 1 to 0 mugic, so I traded it for bout 5 rares.