Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have recently played someone a few times, and each time I happened to be using a new mipedian deck I recently built. This player feels that using invisibility is cheep and is a horrible thing for a top player to be using. We got into a bit of an argument, so I figured I should ask you guys about this. Do you think invisibility is cheap? The deck I built only has invisibility strike 10 in it, so would you classify that as cheap?

Please post all of your thoughts and ideas on the subject :).

Here is the deck I was playing with:

1 2 3
1. Owayki/Torwegg
2. Saand/Breath of the Desert
3. Owayki/Torwegg
4. Xelfe/Destructazooka
5. Prince Mudeenu, Champion of the Guard/Breath of the Desert
6. Xelfe/Wind Whip

I will post a full deck list tomorrow :).


Anonymous said...

Invisibility is not cheap... if it was they would not have made them with it, besides there are quite a few ways to counter it.


lance said...

its not cheap i just hate invisabilllity because its almost unbeatable like kolmo disarm and now with marquis darani owakio and the new prince mudeenu mipedians are impossible because they gain surprise with prince, strike 5 with owakio, and then +5 more strike from darani so then gain Surprise and strike 10 added on 2 there original invisability and so i hate invisability now

Anonymous said...

What the? Please tell the guy you were arguing with that he must be insane or a few cards short of a full pack. Why would Invisibility be cheap, there's no reason? You get the first turn advantage, but that's it. I bet if you had Maliph in that army he'd be going crazy.

Also, why did you give Xelfe (e not y) a Destructazooka and the other one a Wind Whip? Did you figure that if they're gonna lose anyways they must as well scare your opponent a bit?

Not to be mean or anything, but your deck isn't even that strong, if he faced a top tier Invisibility deck he'd be crying if he can't deal with yours.

Revelation said...

I just got back to playing, I made a deck just like that, with a kolmo with 70hp, I think the deck evens the playing field with the tribes.

Heptad14 said...

Mipedian with invisibility are not cheap I think that's just there thing just like Danians have the ability to gain energy when hive is ativated...for how many mandblors you have... oh by the way great deck!!

Mezzmarr392 said...

invisibility isn't cheap. you dont see anyone complaining about the other tribes abilities, like a Borth or Pyrithion with a phobia mask, or the OW healing abilities(Owis & Najarin), or DN hive and infect abilities(Ekuud & Odu-Bathax).
Oh, and great deck, but you could probably make it better by:
1. Giving the back Xelfe a Ravita Flower for the extra 2 MC's.
2. Switch the other Xelfe with Maliph. High speed, 2 elements, and i think an element 5. Way better than xelfe.
3. Put Mudeenu, Owayki, and Maliph up front, and put both Owayki's in the middle, and give them both destructazookas for earth. or give them to owayki & mudeenu for earth.

other than that, im sure ur deck is flawless.

Occasus said...

The reason why I gave a Xelfy a dedstructozooka is because I only have one :P. My Xelfies are very strong, especially with strike 10. They have won me many battles :P.

As for Maliph, I might be making a deck with him as a variant, but I'm not sure yet. I still need one more maliph for that though.

And I need the mugic counters, so I couldn't switch a Xelfy for a Maliph :P.

Oh, and this isn't my main deck, so it doesn't need to be "Tier 1" :D.

Anonymous said...

Invisibility IS cheap, but not the bad kind of cheap. "Most" Mipedians don't have much for energy except some of the new ones, which means they can get 1 shot just as soon as they would be the ones 1 shotting. That has changed with the introduction of Maliph and Owayki, but it's not a "terrible" thing.

My friend has a deck close to yours, he actually battled you twice. Luckylizard. I can agree with that destructozooka, but do you have a means of reflipping it or do you just pray to only need it the once?

Oh, and btw, the only thing about invisibility that I say is 100% cheap, is that using 2 Owayki in your army means that Fanfare of the vanishign becomes invis strike 25 and +40 speed, and Disarming theme becomes InvisiDisarm, Invis strike 10, AND +40 speed, for 1 mugic counter {this of course is only on creatures that don't already have invisibility like Owayki's themselves}


Anonymous said...

don't let that cry babby get you down invisibility is no cheaper then hive or support displines

Anonymous said...

Hey Occasus,

Is not cheap, and you have seen the codemaster MIP deck, is very very powerful.

There were a couple of changes made and I heard some of the new cards that will be coming (ROTO), trust me if you think MIp is cheap right now you don't know what's heading your way...

Cheers, Savage

Anonymous said...

its not cheap

it only helps with the first attack
so I don't see the problem

nice army build


Anonymous said...

The reason he might be saying that is because he keeps losing to mipedian's with invis. strike and decided to lash out on you. It is not cheap to use invisibility why would they put it in the game if they thought so plus they give you all this mugic and battlegear to negate that effect thats what makes the game more interesting trying to counter the opponents moves.

Occasus said...

I don't have any way to flip the zooka facedown. I will rarely, if ever battle with one of them, so using that would be preferable to a windwhip.

Also, I don't use a fanfare of the vanishing in this deck build :P.

Disarming theme only works on creatures with invisibility, so it won't give creatures the bonus from owaki, because they already have it.

And let's not call this player names. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion :).

OGPLAYA said...

Overworlders are cheap with healing,
Underworlders are cheap with reviving and destruction mugic,
Danians are cheap with hive and infection,
are they really cheap? NO
It is just the strength of their tribe mipedians strengths are invisibility and warbeasts that it

Anonymous said...

Besides all the nonsense of Invisibility being cheap, you also misspelled Owayki (you forgot the y) and you accidentally wrote Champion of the "Guar" of course missing the d in guard. Well, that was fun.

Occasus said...

I also misspelled Xelfe :P. Thanks for the spell checks :).

Anonymous said...

Invisibility is a tool just like any other in chaotic, sure if used right it can be very powerful but mepedians who use invisibility rarely have the energy to survive a long fight so it evens out. That guy can whine all he wants but in the end his skill simply didn't match up to yours, I use a lot of mepedian army's and I've been utterly destroyed by army's of the other tribes and I've used other tribes and been beat by a solid mepedian army, the abilities have nothing to do with it, he's just passing the blame of his loss onto someone else.

Anonymous said...

IT IS NOT CHEAP.Who ever said that was probably losing and was a sore loser.

Todd Hakusho said...

good lord if the mipedian guy at our club got this design, he'd be even more annoyingly cocky than he is now!

he might even actually win a match with it lol

and invisibility isn't cheap folks. It's the mipedian niche. Overworlders use teamwork-based effects, Underworlders use brute force, danians have mipedians needed something to be just as competitive.

It may seem cheap, but have you seen what people can do with elementalist decks, or Hive? Saying invisibility is cheap is basically calling every miche the tribes have cheap; if you can use it well, your aren't lacking in skill; you're excelling in it

Dustybo said...

plus if u need a flip face down thing gear glissando (easy to get) can flip battle gear face down

Anonymous said...

Invisibility is not cheap! Why do you think they made it?

If you use it in apprentice to gain rank it is cheap though.


Occasus said...

Well using apprentice just to gain rank is cheap, but let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

Apprentice is not Chaotic, therefore it isn't a factor. Like Occasus said, there is no point to even mention it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, if it was up to me, Apprentice Rules would still be playable but would not count for rank, not even it's own ranking separate from the real game's. That is, either that or simply eliminate it altogether.

Netron445 said...

it's not cheap. it's part of the game.

Gobliin said...

It is true that invisibility is strong, but it a one shot. By the way Occasus, I really like the deck. I thought of a variant were I swich Saand with a Blazvatan and the Xelfe with Savell. I'm not sure if I should equip a Ravica flower to Blazvatan...

Occasus said...

I could see a blazvatan functioning in this army actually. Saval is such a nice conjurer :P. Once I get a Saval, I might have to try that out.

OGPLAYA said...

BTW i noticed a lot of ppl telling you to put a flower on your creatures well the flower only works for conjurers hope you knew that OK bye...
jk anyway i figured out a while ago and thought id mention it here that fanfare of the vanishing only works on your first turn so if you think you can win a match without it and you get to the middle of a battle and your loosing you cant use the fanfare to gain invisibility strike 15 since invisibility strike is specifically used for the first turn.

Anonymous said...

nice army i am using it and its doing me alot of good so far i havent lost with it

Gobliin said...

OGPLAYA, I hope you know that when you sacrifice it, target conjurer get 2 mugic counter, so it is not only the equip creature that can benefit from it.

And Occasus, I'm surprise that you don't have a Savell. As a top rank player that love warbeast (If I remember well)...

OGPLAYA said...

oh ok i knew that goblin just wasnt thinking of that lol i usually use a gear glisando anyways

Anonymous said...

"So would you classify that as cheap?"
No, I'd call that strategy.