Friday, November 21, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-November 21

I apologize, I know I have never been this late with a CoTW before, but I have had a long week and completely forgot about writing the CoTW article.

Without a further delay, this week's card is Gronmor!

Courage: 75
Power: 50
Wisdom: 80
Speed: 50
Energy: 60

Gronmor is one of my new favorite creatures after the release of the newest set. He is a tank: high energy, great stats, and three elements. Ok, he might have gotten his elements from being scanned near Stronghold Mourn, but that doesn't make him any less awesome!

I have seen a lot of people who think that Gronmor is overpowered, and in comparision to the past sets, he more or less is, but his has two main weaknesses. The biggest and most noticeable is his lack of mugic counters. The next one which may not come directly to mind is his lack of power. Each discipline has an element associated with it. Power's element is fire. Gronmor has Fire 5, but he doesn't have the power that usually goes hand in hand with a majority of his fire attacks. So a good number of the attacks Gronmor is good at...he isn't very good at :P. So although he is strong with fire attacks, he wouldn't find as good of a home in a traditional Underworld deck, because he lacks the power compatibility with it. You would want to put him in a deck that focuses more on his three elements with a majority of the attacks being fire based.

So rate it out of 10 please :).


Anonymous said...

Well, no one said to put him in a UW deck, the reason that he has Support means that he's meant to be in an OW army. Furthermore, why would he need Power now that he has Perplexing Heat, Torrent of Flame, etc... By the way, he is cheap and overpowered, I only beat yours cause I was lucky and saved up good attacks.

Heptad14 said...

I have a Pretty Good Gronmor with Maxed power and nothing below average. I never really use his Stats very much at all.... I use his Elements with Heptadd and Iparu..... I have a Element deck that was working pretty good but now people have found a way to beat my Army of now I have to make a new one...... anyways Gronmor is my second Favorite Creature I think you can guess my Favorite by my name anyways I rate it about a 9.3......

Occasus said...

The reason why I brought up the power/fire thing and the underworld deck is to say that even though he has fire 5, he isn't like an underworlder, even though that ability is mostly found in that tribe.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree this is a powerful card! I don't think that Gronmor was scanned at Stronghold Mourn because he would have to have all of the elements (of course if he was scanned after using a Hurlicane lol).

But out of 10 alone Gronmor would be a 8 for me! But with a whole overworld deck that could be a plus 20 to every discipline! Also I don't think you talked about his other abilites you know the brainwased abilities (im not sure about this but just a suggestion)

Thanks a lot!

Gronmor is btw my favourite overworld card!!



Anonymous said...

I agree, he's good. But most people use him in wisdom decks instead of power decks. Besides he's still the main fighter in most OW decks.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the idea that the Overworld is now specializing in Fire, Underworld in Air, Danian in Water (this one is the best of the bunch) and Mipedians in Earth just because of the 4 basic elemental attacks (Ember Swarm, Lightning Burst, Riptide and Vine Snare) that drain the main attribute of their respective Tribes. Things are getting a little messy and I hope this doesn't last. Mipedians were always Air, Underworlders were always Fire, etc... So I don't thing that the original formula should change. All the Tribes should keep their secondary Elements but they should still mainly us their primary elements instead of the other way around.

Like you said Occasus, we're getting weird things like an Overworlder with Fire 5, a Mipedian with Earth 5, Underworlders with Air 5 and although natural, Danians with Water 5.

Mipedians should get their Air back, Overworlders their Earth and Underworlder their Fire.

I know I've been speaking generally and there are exceptions but I still think focus should remain on primary Elements. Some exceptions once in a while would be fine but not too many.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe they have two elements so they do more damage.

Anonymous said...

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Occasus said...

Each tribe has three elements now.

Overworld: Fire, Water, Earth
Underworld: Fire, Air, Earth
Mipedian: Fire, Air, Earth
Danian: Air, Earth, Wather

They sort of redefined what tribe has the elements :P.

Anonymous said...

BUT WHY, would Mipedians and Underworlders have the same elements? It makes no sense. Also, WHY would Overworlders use Fire, the most offensive element when they're supposed to be the nicer guys? Something got screwed up along the way of development...

Fox said...

no things havn't gotten messed up. With the return of the deep one's even the overworld has had to become more aggressive to counter the rising threat they pose to the fragile peace.

Gronmor is just a sweet example of the real OW warrior, honed for combat, a real solider vs just a keeper of the peace like we've had up to now.

Anonymous said...

OK, fair enough, but why do Mipedians and Underworlders have the same elements? Underworlders are more just Fire and Air though, without a third element. They don't have a single creature with those 3 elements and only a few with Earth (off the top of my head Bloot, Rothar and the guy that breaks battlegear).

Anonymous said...

When you look at a Gronmor's elements, you can tell that his Fire is out of place. It just doesn't look like it should be with its opposite water although all the Perplexing Heat, Torrent of Flame. I'm still waiting for a Mipedian with Fire Air and Earth though...

Anonymous said...

Wha... WHAT! His power level is OVER 9000!!!

michael said...

michaelnono here thanks for the card of the week ill give him 9 he'll go great with tangth in training :)