Sunday, September 12, 2010

From the Gauntlet 2.0

Hey guys, I'm sorry but I couldn't write anything this week. As of right now I am trudging through mountains of homework due in only two hours (and there really wasn't all that much procrastination involved, I swear!). This is something that I wrote a few weeks ago that was suppose to be the return piece for FTG, but directions have changed since then and I wanted to start of with the Tribal Wheel, which I will be continuing next week.

Until next time, stay Chaotic everyone!

Hello, and welcome to the return of From the Gauntlet where we tour the creative side of this game by creating new and hopefully fun decks! And on this little journey, I am your trusty navigator, Occasus. For those of you who remember me, I do hope those memories are fond ones, but if this is your first time reading one of these, I hope you enjoy it!

Today I’ve made you guys an Inquisitor deck. I came up with this deck all the way back in December when the World Championships was right around the corner. Inquisitor deck concepts aren’t run of the mill. Sometimes, playing something that your opponents aren’t used to playing against is more valuable than playing a slightly strong, but more commonplace, deck. That is exactly what I wanted to achieve with this deck.

If you’re still reading and haven’t just skipped to my deck by now, thank you, but I think we all want to just skip to the chase!

1 2 3

4 5


1. Tartarek, Psi Overloader/Destrucozooka

2. Fal’Makin, AZAI Inquisitor/Citadel Loadstone

3. Tartarek, Psi Overloader/Destrucozooka

4. Magmon, Retaliator/Bimowercycle

5. Lord Van Bloot, Servant of Aa’une/Bonzeflight

6. Milla’Iin, Foothold Commander/Weightless Energy Vessel


2x Nurishing Nocturne

1x Psionic Serenade

1x Surprising Riffs

1x Void Dirge

1x Prelude to Dominance


1x Primal Smash

1x Landgore

2x Invaders’ Tactics

2x Marksmen’s Preparation

2x Geyser Gush

2x Flood Force

2x Purifying Mud

2x Rustoxic

2x Piercing Brilliance

1x Retaliatory Strike

2x Symmetry Slam

1x Unsanity


2x Mount Pillar Reservoir, Foothold

2x Lake Ken-I-Po

2x Najarin’s Castle

2x Castle Bohdran

2x Runic Grove

One to all of the fun little features of this deck. We have the Fal’Makin and Milla’Iin combo so we can keep bringing back mugic each turn, but it gets a little more complex than that. Before we can start bringing back our mugic, we need to use all of the mugic counters on our creatures.

The Early Game

In the first few turns, you actually don’t want to get Fal’Makin Engaged. He is better saved for the late game. Get into combat with your Tartareks. You can use Magmon’s Bi-Mowercycle to jump over the front line, or if that only leads to more fights with big fighters, you still shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Use the nourishing nocturnes to sacrifice Magmon, Lord Van Bloot if you aren’t worried about Milla’Iin being attacked, or a Tartarek that already flipped up his Destructazooka. Then you can use Psionic Serenade to really deal some damage to any creature you have trouble with.

The Mid Game

The mid game is where this deck is at its weakest. You may have used up your powerful mugic, but still have mugic counters left on your creatures if you used Fal’Makin’s ability. There is more than enough mugic to cast to get read of your mugic counter reserves in the first couple of turns. Once all of your mugic counters are gone, you get back one mugic a turn so make it count. Psionic Serenade is a great pick, but you are limited to how many minions you have left in your discard pile, so you should to bring back a Nurishing Nocturne every now and again.

The End Game

You have the potential to cast upwards of 4 psionic serenades in one game. Make sure you get the most of them! If you win each of those battles (getting 65-70 damage to them right off the bat probably will do that for you) that still leaves two more creatures you need to deal with. Maybe they will be mugic casters, or maybe you didn’t have the time to return the psionic serenades, you don’t know how the end game will work out. It would be wise to avoid engaging any creatures on your turn. This will lessen the combats in between the mugic boon on your turns.


Just like every deck, this one can run into some problems. Decks with Cromaxx will severely mess with you. Your psionic serenades are useless against him, so you will need to out muscle him. Again, this is not something that this deck is all that great at. Luckily, you still have Tartareks that are good enough fighters, and Nourishing Nocturne which are a great way to get the edge over your opponent.


I’m pretty fond of this deck. It’s a deck your opponent isn’t used to fighting and that is good enough to play right there.


Anonymous said...

Very nice deck. Fal'makin is one of those potentially powerful creatures that few players want to even try to figure out, so it's pretty cool that you made a deck based around him, especially for FtG. The deck itself may not look like the strongest but it could definitely be a threat to even the top decks out there and I definitely like the concept of how this one is meant to be played. Once again very nice and original creation.

On another note, glad to see that FtG has finally returned, though it may not have been presented in the way that it was originally supposed to.

Malcolm9 said...

=D Like my deck =D! Except my version has purely no counters and Fal'Makin burns with Consuming Cacophony

Occasus said...

Don't forget that Fal'Makin would need a Heptadd's Crown to do that. Just because it's free doesn't mean that it isn't still a tribal mugic!

Jwcool said...

Very nice deck indeed. :D And yeah, Fal'makin is rarely used. Now I wish he wasn't bugged online...:P

And good luck with the homework.


Anonymous said...

Um... it says he can play it... yes, I do believe it counts for Tribal-ness...

BTW, you made a ton of grammatical and spelling errors... good luck with that homework, hopefully it's not grammar.:P

- Bionicle00

Malcolm9 said...

Yes, responding to Occasus' comment, I understood he needed Heptadd's Crown or something similar... But considering that Bladez is an Underworld Creature, I can use Fal'makin AZAIA and a Mugician's Tuning Fork yea?
That's what I did =D

Occasus said...

I believe you can do that, yes. Muge's Tuning Fork says that you can play mugic of any tribe in your army, not play mugic that creatures in your army can cast. So you're good!