Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Tribal Wheel 3.0: Overworld

Out of anythingI have ever written, by FAR the favorite has been the Color Wheel. Since I completely ripped off the idea from Mark Rosewater and Magic the Gathering, I don’t deserve too much credit. So I will be posting five short articles for each tribe with an added deck loyal to the values of the tribe.

What is the Overworld known for?

High Wisdom: Although this isn’t set in stone in every situation, but Overworld’s main stat is wisdom and its main element is water.

High Mugic Counters: No tribe can match the Overworld in terms of raw mugic ability. They have the more creatures with 2 and 3 mugic counters than any other tribe.

Healing: No one can compete with the amount of healing mugic and abilities that the Overworld has. From Song of Resurgence to Donmar, Tablet Translator, healing is what makes the Overworld the Overworld.

Elements: Each tribe has two or three elements that it focuses on mostly, and the Overworld is no exception, but you cannot overlook its focus on elementalists and element gain. too

Support X: Support X is an ability that is chiefly tied to Overworlders. Although there aren’t that many creatures with support nowadays, it has still been unique to the Overworld.

Counter Mugic: Every tribe has some way to deal with mugic and abilities, but Overworld has more counter mugic than anyone else.

Mugic Recycle: Two incarnations of Najarin and Mugic Reprise, make the Overworld is great at letting you reuse your mugic.

Reduce Damage: Although Mipedians are the king at reducing attacks, and reflecting them as well as mugic, Overworld does have a trend of reducing damage to their creatures. Symphany of Shielding, Lomma and Illiar all reduce damage.

Stat Reset: Less of a huge theme and more of a quirk, a couple creatures have the ability to reset either their own stats or elements to their scanned values.

Even though the Overworld may not have a monopoly on all of these abilities, they all make up a common theme. Each one of these abilities is insignificant while by itself, but when put together, they begin to create the Overworld’s identity as a tribe.

Overworlders Are Survivors

Above all things, Overworlders are survivors. Their most prominent ability is healing. If a creature is hurt, they will be healed. One huge strategy that is often used is to simply outlast your opponent. If your are against someone who is playing Overworld, chances are that the battle won’t end as soon as you would like, because their creatures are going to last much longer than what their scanned energies would tell you. With the ability to bring back their mugic in combination with their high mugic counters, Overworlders are in it for the long haul.

Overworlders Believe in Unity

This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for most of you. Overworld has a large portion of creatures whose sole purpose is to help other creatures. I doubt Donmar, Tablet Translator will be using his ability to heal himself as much as he heals all of his allied creatures around him. The Support ability encourages teamwork between your creatures. Keep them together, and as a group you will be stronger that the sum or your parts. If we go all the way back to the Dawn of Perim Block, I’d like to bring up both Raznus and Kinnianne, the Ambassadors to the Danian and Mipedian tribes. The Overworld knows a thing or two about Diplomacy. Overworlders are firm believers in the united we stand, divided we fall mentality.

Overworlders Are a Defensive Tribe

After looking through all of this tribes mugic, I noticed that there isn’t a single purely offensive mugic out of any of them. In fact, only two could deal damage to an opposing creature, and one gave you the option to heal your creature instead! The other, much more famous mugic card is Rhyme of the Reckless. This card is by far one of the strongest mugic for dealing damage to your opponent at a low cost, but it isn’t an offensive card. You need to be attacked first. You aren’t allowed to take action to deal damage to your opponent first with this card. You will also see a couple of cards that only effect your opponent’s creatures if they are on your side of the battleboard. Cards like Hornsabre and Korg emphasize the Overworld’s desire to be defensive.

1 2 3

4 5


1. Najarin, High Muge of the Lake/Mipedian Balladeer’s Flute

2. Maxxor, Protector of Perim/Orchis Undin

3. Tangath Toborn, In Training/Citadel Fragments

4. Lomma, Desert Wanderer/ Sun Chariot of Kehn-Sep

5. Karraba/Mipedian Balladeer’s Flute

6. Karraba/Weightless Energy Vessle


2x Refrain of Denial

2x Rhyme of the Reckless

2x Symphony of Shielding


2x Castle Momark

2x Kaizeph, City of the Elements

2x Riverlands

2x The Darkened Dunes

2x The Rao'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid


2x Powercut

2x Quick Exit

2x Shadow Strike

2x Elemental Oxidation

2x Force Balls

2x Purifying Mud

2x Rustoxic

1x Primal Smash

1x Thermal Ring

2x Directed Bravery

2x Retaliatory Strike

I tried to keep this deck within the themes of the Overworld that we went over in this article. You have a lot of healing in this deck that you can use to keep Maxxor alive, and even if he falls you can bring him back with Castle Momark.

You should attack with Maxxor early on in the game. It’s as simple as that. He’s your best fighter, and keeping him alive and the combat long will give you a leg up. You can use Symphony of Shielding and Refrain of Denial to help Maxxor and your mugic casters last longer. You may have Najarin on the front lines, so you’ll need to make use of Lomma’s defender. Keeping her alive to protect Karraba and Najarin is a must.

Outside of that, there isn’t much more to this deck. Make sure you keep combats as drawn out as you can while Maxxor is engaged and remember to use the Mipedian Balladeer’s Flutes with Karraba and Najarin!


Anonymous said...

nice job. it's like you got into the mind of an Overworld. lol.

I do think you could have gone over some things like meta decks, but that's just what I think.

anyway I look forward to seeing more Tribal wheels.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, I'd like to see more of them. Keep up the good work.

Jwcool said...

i rlly want to c wat ur gonna put for the m'arrillians...

anyways, occasus i think the other damage-dealing OW mugic u were looking at was Song of the Dyad. Well, did you look at the online mugic card Najarin's Tower of Song? It's an OP card, so it only exists online, but it deals 20 damage to a creature on your side of the battleboard (but it cost 2 MC :P)

Oh, and can u plz respond to my PM? :P


Occasus said...

I have been busy witg school and other activities so i havent gotten around to reading my PMs yet. Like right now I am on my ipod away from my room.

To respond to your comment, I did forget about the new OP mugic. Even though it may seem to be offensive, it ties in with the defensive holding the line aspect of the overworld that i talked about.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Twitter account. Maybe when things with Chaotic pick up you can try again and maybe things will work out a bit better.

Occasus said...

Hah, thank you. I just really didn't feel like anyone was reading what I was posting which really defeated the purpose of using it. It's not a huge loss, I still have the blog, after all.

Jwcool said...

Don't worry, Occasus. We're still reading this. ;)

YOUR LOYAL FOLLOWERS! (not that we're brainwashed or anything...I hope. :P)

And yes, I did realize the mugic is a good deal defensive. You can only target a creature on your own side of the battleboard. Also, I correct myself. The mugic does NOT cost 2 OW MC. It costs 3. :P A lot for only 20 damage and your opponent's loss of a mugic card...then again, it is overworld.