Wednesday, September 15, 2010 contest

For those of you who check my blog before the forums, thank you for the loyalty, but in all seriousness, I have a new contest. Check it out, you might just be surprised!

What is your favorite mugic card in the game? Do you like playing it? How would you like to play it twice in a game? That not enough? How about 3? 4? 10? Ten, seriously?! You're right. Let's play it 100 times.

I've been hiding this for a couple months now, but around the time of my first deck building contest, I built a new deck that kind of trumps all of my other attempts as FTK decks. You have the ability to play and infinite number of mugic cards. That's right, you will never run out. How can this be? When did this happen?! To answre all of those questions in order: it just is, a few months ago (weren't you paying attention?) and you'll have to figure that one out on your own! I am giving NO HINTS OTHER THAN WHAT IS IN THIS POST. I made all of the other contests far too easy.

Here are some facts about the deck and some rules for y'all:

-It currently cannot be played online, a sad but true fact
-It could heal an infinite amount of life, deal an infinite amount of damage, or do almost anything you want to as many times as you would like to do it.
-It is a 6v6 master rules deck. Those are your limits, 6 REAL creatures, 6 mugic, 10 locations, and 20 attacks.
-You cannot choose which location you have unless you can guarantee that you can control it at least 95% of your games.
-You can assume that your opponent won't try to stop you, but he won't do anything for you either. This deck should work no matter what your opponent plays. You can't rely on a Heptagonal Hail for any extra counters, for example.

I welcome ANY (that means you, Nick) challenger to post their deck on this topic right here to win fabulous prizes!


Jwcool said...

interersting...very interesting indeed...:P

i mite actually giv this challenge a serious try...altho i'm not a master deck-builder


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool. I've never taken much of a serious look at your tournaments (in the sense that I didn't enter since I don't need any prizes) but this one sounds pretty interesting so I may think about it. We'll have to see I suppose. It's nice that you're trying to liven things up in the community though, since not much is/can be done at the moment.

Occasus said...

Please do! These contests are more about figuring out new armies for you guys than just winning the prizes!