Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-September 3

Illazar :)

Courage: 45
Power: 70
Wisdom: 60
Speed: 55
Energy: 40

He is one of the more annoying creatures that you will play against in an underworld match up. Underworld has no problem with mugic counters. Oftentimes, they are flooded with them. So why not use these extra counters against your opponent? Especially in warbeast decks where mugic counters are very scarce and they have close to the minimum, Illazar can really disrupt their rhythm.


Anonymous said...

Ehh, I don't know if Illazar is worth a whole slot on a team, he can't fight no matter what so he may not be the most reliable creature. Then again, if a player lost a Kopond or a Chaor on purpose the opponent would lose 3 counters, although it's only for one creature. Also, I don't know if it would work that well against Conjurors, as they have Ravita Flowers as support as well as Song of Shelter to negate the ability.

Occasus said...

His ability only removes one counter, and if someone uses a song of shelter to save a creature's counter, it would have done its job. The shelters are the only thing protecting the conjurors from underworld mugic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I misread, it's only one counter, making it even worse. A good Warbeast deck usually has around 4-6 Mugic to spare so it wouldn't be too much of a problem. Na'Inna can also disrupt Illazar pretty well, although it's not like she'd be put into a Warbeast deck.

I had a concept for a deck where there would be a lot of Mugic as well as enough Conjurors to sustain Blaz, the only problem was that he was the only creature capable of fighting.