Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Card of the Week-For Real this Time

Ok, well now that I have had my laughs, let's get on to the card of the week :).

This week's card is Arbeid

I love this guy. He is such a frustrating creature to be up against. He is like two Melody of Mirages in one creature! Plasma Arrows, Allmageddon, Supercooled Rain, all of these cards kneel before the powers of Arbeid. He can turn any of your opponent's large attacks into something as weak as a Spirit Gust attack.

Although he might not be much of a fighter, he is still going to be a great addition to your overworld team. He can save you upwards of 90 points of damage if used on the right attacks, which saves you more energy than a Karabba ever could. So think next time you decide not to put this uncommon overworlder into your team :).

Rate out of ten, say hello, or do whatever you want! Have fun with it people! :).


EarthWater said...

I agree with one thing, he is the most ffrustrating card Ive ever ben against :P.

Genecros said...

Yeah he is really frusterating, he's a nice speed bump on my attacks.

Anonymous said...


He must be the cheapest uncommon card in the game. I don't think I'm even exaggerating. Whenever I see one on my opponent's side, I feel sad.

Dusty said...

and you like cant counter it either

but maliph will find a way to get rid of him

Occasus said...

There is an overeorld mugic card that can counter activated abilities. So you could stop it if you need to.

Anonymous said...


He's a great creature, and unlike most "mugic casters" in OW, he can fight back. Having even 1 element makes him useful, and if he still has his abilities he can make sure he doesnt get himself 1 shot, get healed by teammates, then start whomping down with elemental attacks.

Just stop a supercooled rain then toss one of your own, that just screams a lot of ouch.


GryeDor said...

He can be countered, definitely. But if you're not carrying something like Trills of Diminution, he'll be a tough one.

I have a question though, because I always go back and forth on Arbeid. Does he work against Mipedian Strike Decks and really, Element X Decks as well? When I judge a Creature to put in my OW Deck, I've got to weigh all the possibilities, and Arbeid comes up constantly in my mind, but I'm never sure if he'll cut the mustard.

The way I see it is that in an Invisibility: Strike X situation, the Strike X happens on the first attack, right? If you Arbeid the attack to 5, would it modify the ENTIRE attack, meaning the Strike bonuses too, or would it modify the base attack damage and you'd still receive the Strike damage? Does that make sense?

I suppose it would depend on when the Strike bonus is converted to attack damage.

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Anonymous said...

Trills of Diminution won't work on him unless he's engaged.

Arbeid would reduce the entire Mipedian's attack to 5.

Mandible Muge said...

I thought it was funny how he seemed like a good card, But I rarely... Scratch that, I have never seen him used online (or offline, but I can't play offline) Still, it should be easy to give your opponent a bait by using a card that seems to be one of your most powerful attacks while keeping others in reserve, and dupe them out so they waste their counters.

Anonymous said...

This guys will infuriate you like no tomorrow. It'll be a close battle and you'll finally draw a card that you can use to finish off your opponent's creature, then you see this ANNOYING creature called Arbeid on his side. At this point you don't know what to do. Attack and let him waste a counter or hope that he won't be able to defeat your creature on that turn. IT MAKES ME GO CRAZY WHEN I SEE THIS DUMB UNCOMMON ON THE BOARD, EVEN IF HE'S ONY MY SIDE.

Anonymous said...

Well I am so glad Arbeid FINALLY got his fame. He is an amazing card, and us players who cant get these ultra rares have to use the best commons, uncommons, rares, and super rares. Arbeid is an amazing card, and I have been using him since dirt was invented.


BuzzerJr said...

i like him, but not when i face him. Danians got a similar guy in the turn of the tide, but it only works on elemental attacks and isnt as good. Oh yea danians in Forget unnity will be awsome their effects are amazing, trusmt me they are ;)

BuzzerJr said...

Oh yea i battled him in my first masters match

Anonymous said...

the one draw back is low energy (plus the fact i got him about 5 times-i nevere figured out why he is loyal-)however i finally got one with 40 so i'll consider putting him in