Monday, April 6, 2009

More rule changes

Here are some rule changes that I think most people will have very little trouble with. All are easy to understand and make a lot more sense than their previous counter parts :).


GryeDor said...

All good changes, I feel. And thankfully nothing as large as the Element X rule from last time. These feel pretty superficial.

Although I must say I'm really excited to see how the Bursts reopening mid-resolve will play out. I think it gives us some work to do!

mafabian said...

Why do they keep changing the rules?! It makes it more confussing!


GryeDor said...

They're streamlining the current ruleset because things they set in place in DoP days now are either obsolete or confusion or cause more problems than they solve. Since they're doing this, more current cards can take advantage of what the new rules will be and the old cards remain largely unaffected.

PCShark11 said...

Okay, thanks!

Fox said...

OMG, they've just stumbled into the LIFO bane of existance.

Interrupt abilities.

So now we'll see things like (using danian example for simplicity)

Mandiblor get's cannoned.
Burst stops, all creatures with "when so n so dies gain x"
then players can then USE the changes to alter the state of the burst, IE spend those counters to add more to the burst.

I think the next set of play mats better come with a burst area to place bursts on else the kiddies are going to get lost right quick once things start changing.

(saying this after last week which had at least 1 burst with 4 inburst triggered abilities in it)

Anonymous said...

Yo, Occasus, you said that Flurry of Fists was going to be a part of a second set of OP cards but Dragonix just said it will be some sort of Battledrome card. He also said that some cards that are labeled as OP will be simply promos and not a part of an OP set. Any ideas?