Friday, April 3, 2009

New From the Gauntlet up

This week is combo week. Do you think you can handle a full fledged combo deck? Check the link and find out! :)


Anonymous said...

I think that combo army is brilliant. Everything just goes so well with each other.

Mandible Muge said...

I agree, that combo blew my mind. I read this yesterday, and was Umming and Ahhing for ages :D Nice deck! Plus it's good to learn more about combos. Nice to get some confirmation on that A'aune controversy.

Dustybo(I GOT A BLAZ) said...

cools :P

Fox said...

as a combo player and certified "Timmy", I approve this combo (having noticed it when rise came out and been meaning to build the same basic deck).

Anonymous said...

It is an amazing deck. I think I might be the one who made the Aer'dak/Xelfe combo, I thought of it 3 or 4 months back but never put it into action.

Thanks for making a deck with no ultra creatures.

I never actually knew there were different types of decks until
the last from the Gauntlet.


mafabian said...

Pretty good, I have adeck similar. :)