Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reminder! Turn of the Tide Prerelease this weekend

Just a friendly reminder that Turn of the Tide will be available this weekend at these events, before their official release next week. If you are able to go, please attend! These events will be amazing amounts of fun for everyone :).

1. San Diego, California
2. Brooklyn, New York
3. Oshawa, Ontario
4. Austin, Texas


Genecros said...

I'll be going to the one in NY

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T because they chose Oshawa for some reason... who would've thought.

Fox said...

yeah, Oshawa is so far off the beaten track, that frankly, I doubt it will see great attendance. Hell it's so far out from the GTA that transit doesn't even go that far, so it's drive or don't go.

TCD's selections on where they are being held are baffling if not insulting to the players.

At least two locations seem to be held by stores that don't even Hold regular chaotic events. or are so far out of the way, getting to use new stuff 4 days early just doesn't seem worth the cost to get there (if it's even a option)

Anonymous said...

For all of you that beleive that no one is going to chaotic you are turly wrong.. For a fact I know that Orranis and myself are going, reihaku, majorbrad are going (along with the team kfd approx 15 members) chaosangel might make a appearance.

So there are about 17 players right there..


Fox said...

I'm comparing it to say if it was least held INSIDE the GTA. It's like holding the california one where no one lives.

If it was in TO, i'd of been there in a heart beat, but in Oshawa, the earliest i CAN get there without sleeping overnight is 11am. Tad to late to register and compete and that assumes NO traffic issues.

and out of like the 20 or so players up here i know, majority just can't see the expense. the difference for us NOT in TO already is like a additional 30 bucks to the price tag

The only option for me to attend would of been to crash at a buddies who lives in the GTA, but then my total cash out for the event would of been about 60 bucks, just short of the price of a box.

Frankly, a box or a starter + 5 packs. it's not really a debate.

I'm not saying they WON'T get attendance, just saying that it will be less then they could. I've Been to MANY of Skyfox's pre-releases in the past (like 5 times a year for a long time), and generally I've noticed they only hold the ones at their store they figure won't see more then 20 people. (not claiming as fact, just the impression I've garnered from nearly 8 years of dealing with them)

Abraxas said...

Occasus, since I guess you will be there, does that mean you'll have new cards to show us this weekend?

When I say "us" I mean all the players who can't attend because the closest event is 350 miles from my place...

Darkwing13 said...

I just wish that they would have a demo day or something in every state of the U.S. there isn't anything close to me.

Fox said...

Darkwing, check with both the chaotic website and your local hobby/game shops. for all you know there could be a OP location near you, and most will also run demo days (I should know, i'm the jerk who got shanghaied into it at my venue)