Sunday, August 29, 2010

Card of the Week: Uksum!


Uksum is one of my favorite creatures that came out of Forged Unity, and that's saying a lot compared to some of the amazing cards that were in the set.

Even though he has a low scanned energy, he can easily have a higher energy than any of the creatures in your army. If you put him in an Army of nothing but high energy creatures, you can easily get his energy up to 90 or 100, but the fun doesn't end there. One VERY important thing to remember about Uksum is that his scanned energy tops out at 25, which means you can cast Melody of the Meek and make him last 9 attacks guaranteed. And I have more, give him a Kha'rall Husk Armor and you're looking at a 140 energy creature who can't take more than 10 points of damage from any source, mugic or attack. A combo like this can shut down decks that rely on high damage dealing attacks, invisibility strike decks, but sadly not burn decks. Unless you can stop your opponent from dealing even small amounts of damage to him before he sees combat, he isn't going to last that long.

You can use these same combos with his brainwashed side. He's a 65 energy Kha'rall who can't be burned as easily, and you can still give him the 50 energy boost from the Husk Armor and combo Melody of the Meek. You can even give him a shard to give him another element and defender to help our the rest of your team. Even though you can't get his energy as high as you could with hie first ability, you are more more adaptable with his battlegear choices of lower energy creatures.

Rate out of five!


Cody10323 said...
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denbien2006 said...
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silentknight2006 said...

darn, my secrets is out...although it came to me in a weirder situation (Lore with husk armor and melody of the meek).

i actually have an army with this strategy, but problem is that i only have 1 melody of the i can only make him "almost" invincible for 1 i was putting the army on hold until i get the melody of the meek...until you blurted out before i actually get my melody of the meek

Anonymous said...

how do you think things like this up Occasus?
well keep up the good work.



anti911 said...

nice this is what i like to do with uksum lemme know wat u think tnx


1.uksum/bodals dagger
2.ursis/bodals dagger
3.ursis/xerium armor

melody of the meak x2
denial refrain of the deep

anti911 said...
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Occasus said...

You do know that denial refrain of the deep is a m'arrillian mugic, right?

Otherwise, good 3v3 deck :)

anti911 said...

oh sorry i forgot it was cadence clash :P

do you have time for a match i want you to see a deck i made.

Anonymous said...

Great card with a lot of combo potential because of both his ability and his scanned Energy. The high Power and Fire element is also great for UnderWorld teams built with high Energy fighters.

Anonymous said...

I had thought of the Meek w/ Uksum, but the Husk Armor idea is genious!
I will have to try this out:)


Genecros said...

I give him a 9/5 because there are other strategies to get him easily above 140. But ehh Occasus barely scratched the surface of Uksum.

Occasus said...

There is plenty you can do with him, but what exactly did you have in mind?

Anonymous said...


Awesome... but one advantage is that even while he's unengaged, as long as combat is going on, he's safe from burn... kind of.:P

- Bionicle00