Sunday, August 1, 2010

Card Talk with Occasus

'Ello! Welcome to Card Talk. Some of my older followers will remember my old card of the week. While most of you probably know that I can't really keep up with that any more, I will hopefully get a few of these done before I go back to college.

This time I'll be talking about is Phelphor of the deep!

He is one of the more neglected M'arrillian out there, which makes me sad because his ability is one of the better abilities on a fluidmorpher.

Just think about it. Once he gets some counters, you control the entire battleboard. You choose who fights who, all you need to do move your opponent's creatures around and you can prevent your opponent from attack you, or you can attack your opponent's back row. Najarin isn't nearly as menacing now that you can fight him early on in the game.

There isn't much more to say about him. Using him, you can attack almost any of your opponent's creatures, and you can even keep your opponent's creatures a safe distance from your weak mugic casters.

If any of you remember, I also ask you guys to rate the card out of five for it's playablity. So, what would you rate it?


Anonymous said...

New article! And new site design! Very nice.

As for Phelphor otD, he's actually a really good card. Like you mentioned he has a powerful ability that allows you to control the board and essentially choose what battles happen and which don't. The only problem I can see is that he can move only each creature he chooses a max of one space per Burst. He's also pretty tricky to use and whoever is playing him will really have to maximize each Burst.

For example you can't just move one creature somewhere and in the same Burst move another creature into the previous creature's space (of course this would be backwards on the Burst) since the space would still be occupied and therefore not be a legal target for his ability.

One definitely needs to think when using him, but if they get the rhythm he would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.


Occasus said...

Even though you are limited to one use per burst to get his full affect, you are allowed to start a new burst as soon as one resolves. It may be more time consuming, but you can get his full effect either way.

Anonymous said...

Ya, you're right. I had some weird idea in my mind where you couldn't start more than 1 Burst per phase.

Anonymous said...

I love Phelpor OTD.
i rank it 5/5. It is that good. Surrounded by a strong frontline of creatures, wow..

Also it has also been nearly two weeks, where is the gauntlet huh?

Anonymous said...

Good to see your back at it again...hope this means the game is coming back too!

Occasus said...

I have a few technical things I want to work out before I start posting the from the gauntlets. Don't worry, they are coming :).