Thursday, August 5, 2010

What would happen?

Here's the scenario: You have your opponent down to nothing but his Maxxor, Protector of Perim, but you aren't much better off. You are down to nothing but an Chaor the Fierce and a Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth, and neither of them have any mugic counters. The active location is Prexxor Chasm, the Blight, not exactly the location you were hoping in this last battle to win the game. In a quick battle, your opponent's Maxxor defeats Chaor, but only barely since he is at 5 energy.

In a last ditch attempt to win, you place Prexxor Chasm in Maxxor's square at the end of the turn.

Who won the game?


Anonymous said...

You win. Mirages are placed at the end of the turn. You place the mirage on maxxor's space and he has 20 less energy, therefore losing.

Anonymous said...

Yup, since you place it at the end of the turn, Maxxor will still have only 5 Energy and since the Mirage will activate, Maxxor will lose the rest of his Energy.

Anonymous said...

For sure, Maxxor would be toast, but once you play the mirage, the Opp location instantly becomes active...there is no "burst" so I believe a hard win for Kopond would ensue.
I use the blight in my ketacc APP deck to get a -40 E on the Opp.

Anonymous said...

Well actually, if you were going by online rules, I would say that the player with Maxxor,Protector of Perim would win.

The reason being that you wouldn't be able to play you mirage until the start of your opponents turn, thus refreshing Maxxor, Protector of Perim energy.(not sure if this applies to the offline game as well)

Also, since the turn has switched to the player with Maxxor,Protector of Perim, they would advantage in stats if they were to engage Kopond HM. Even if by chance your opponent moved Kopond HM to space to away from Kopond in a last ditch effort to gain location advantage, the odds would be in favor of the player with Maxxor, Protector of Perim.

So I'm going to have to side with the player with Maxxor ,Protector of Perim winning.


Anonymous said...

Powert, you place Mirages at the end of the turn it was active or when it was removed as the active Location, thus voiding your answer.

The point of this situation is whether or not placing the Mirage onto Maxxor's space will code him. This is in question because you place both the Mirage and creatures are healed of damage they sustained during the turn at the end of turn. And since neither seem to have a set order in which they are to occur (though if I'm not mistaken Creatures are to be healed as the very last thing at the end of turn) the question is uncertain.

Occasus said...

Who wrote that last comment?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather not say and I'd prefer to stay anonymous. I don't know if your comment means I answered your situation correctly, but if it does I don't need any prize. You should save your prize for anonther contest you may want to create, as there are players who need the prize more than I do.

Anonymous said...

Well, then I guess I learned something than, thanks for clarifying=p

psycho0088 said...

you win because you still have kopond alive and they have no more creatures

underrillian said...

I'll answer this on the forums