Monday, August 9, 2010

Talisman of the Mandiblor

This is one of the best battlegears to have ever been printed in the game. You can use it to do things much more magnificent that just bringing back a fighter. Here are some of the awesome added bonuses you can get other than just some regular old mandiblor:

1. Brainwashed Tabaal, more infections.
One of the Danian's key abilities is infection. There are a million and one ways to use it. Infect ridiculous amounts of creatures and you can use Strain of Infection to get more mugic counters, get a ridiculously powered Nimmei, or you can go the Filandar route. Equip this to your Tabal, sacrifice a madiblor and then bring it back with Talisman just to sacrifice it again!

2. Compost decks, you best friend
What could be worse than two fully powered up Neekwins after you got all of those compost creatures in the discard pile? How about four?

3. The Queen!
Let's not forget every time a mandiblor is sent to the discard pile, Illexia will get a mugic counter. If you want to go the less flashy route, Talisman will also work with Wamma, Hive Ordnance.

Of course, these are only three of many ways to use this card. So, what do you guys think of it? Rate out of five like always!


Anonymous said...

Talisman of the Mandiblor is definitely one of best Battlegears out there. Mandiblors back in DoP to SS were never particularly strong so the card wasn't by any means exceptional, but out came much more powerful Mandiblors during the M'arrillian Invasion. We got creatures like Irrabeq and Neekwin, Mandiblors that didn't follow the trend of the need for the Hive. Suddenly, they were standalone warriors who could easily match up with even the strongest of opposition without the Hive and all of a sudden, the ability to bring them back at will became incredibly powerful.

In one of my old Danian decks I kept it on a Lobanne in the back row. This proved to be effective as I would sometimes allow my Mandiblors to be destroyed so that I could revive them right next to my opponent's support creatures and easily defeat them.

Another thing I really like about TotM is that you have the ability to sacrifice your creature at any time, including in battle after the first attack if you get initiative. Throw away a weak attack and sacrifice your creature, not allowing your opponent to do the same and you just helped recycle some of your attack cards.

Because of some of the new and incredibly powerful Mandiblors like Neekwin and the strategic elements that comes with the timing, I have to give this great piece of gear

Anonymous said...

I give it a 3/5.
BTW, you misspelled multiple things.:hehe:
Also, how would the Compost thing work?:unsure:

Tsunai said...

ToM is definatly one of the tip battle gear for Danian users, but it is better used in decks relying on those powerful non hive Mandiblors such as Neekwin and Irrabeq.

Using it with Tabaal is a fantastic idea, but using it on Tabaal himself doesn't work so well since you would need to sacrifice Tabaal to use the gear. Now if you have 3 prep creatures up front, then 2 tabaal, with the Talisman on that third prep creature.. you get sick, SICK things. If you're willing to risk it, you can even go with 1 Nimmei and use Lore: HMOTH to get 2 uses of Strain of the Hive for 6 shots of mugic counters onto Illexia.

This is definatly near the top tier gear :D I just wish we had more Danian specific ones:P haha