Saturday, July 19, 2008

Warbeasts Revisted

Hello again! I just got a Blazvatan yesterday, so I have been testing out different warbeast decks, and I am just wowed, both at how awesome and cool this deck is, and in how wrong my original approach to the deck is. This is the current deck that I am running. I need to give credit to bahamutlord.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Uboraan/Torweg
2. Ere/Warbeast Powerleash
3. Ranun/Ravita Flower
4. Ranun/Ravita Flower
5. Blazvatan/Torweg
6. Bylkain/Heptadd's Crown

2x Hurlicane
1x Inferno Gust
2x Lightning Burst
2x Pebblestorm
2x Progressive Speed
2x Blind Fury
1x Shadow Strike
1x Cyclone Slam
1x Sunder Ground
2x Thunder Shot
2x Velocitrap
1x Vine Snare
1x Trampling Tackle

1x Defender's Song
1x Gear Glissando
2x Song of Shelters
2x Melody of Mirage

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x Catacombs of the Conjurors
2x Crystal Caves
2x Rao'Pa Sahkk

Some Strategy:
1. If your opponent gets to go first, you always want to play Defender's Song as soon as you can. This way if your opponent wants to attack your front line Ranun, you can easily swap him out with your Blazvatan. Same goes if you are in a mirror match up, you can save your back line Conjurors.
2. If you go first, use Ere to attack at your opponent's back line creatures.
3. As soon as you can, you want to move your Ranun who is up front back to where your other warbeasts to protect him.
4. Gear Glissando is a great mugic. It can stop Skeletal Steed, or take down your opponent's battlegear for a turn. If you need the mugic counters, you can use it on your Ranun with the Ravita Flower to get an extra mugic counter.
5. The Song of Shelters are there to stop Underworld decks from either taking down your conjurors, or your warbeasts, but they aren't too strong in the mirror match up.
6. Remember to save your Melody of Mirages for when you really need them. Blazvatan is your key card, if you lose him, you may be in trouble.

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