Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 9

Strain of the Tide
This is probably one of the most powerful Overworld mugics released at this point. This mugic is best saved for your last creature that can battle. If your deck uses a creature in the clean-up position, this mugic is perfect for you. Imagine having your Maxxor is in the back row just as all of your other creatures are destroyed. That means that you will be able to heal your Maxxor 50 points of damage! And that is without even using a mugic counter! Your opponent will think that you are all out of tricks when you pull this out of nowhere!

It is free points of healing, any of your overworld creatures can use it, and it is an all around good card. It is a must for any overworld deck. So if you get the chance, pick one up :).

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