Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 23

This week's card is Kopond :).

Now some of you loyal blog viewers may have noticed that my card of the week posts usually do not include cards that are from the dominant Underworld powerhouse deck. That is mostly because everyone already knows that they are good, so why both writing about it?

Kopond is one of those creatures where you can swap it out with an ulmar if you are running one, but with every change to a deck, there are going to be some benefits, and some drawbacks. Ulmar can deal 20 damage with his ability, and Kopond can only deal 15, but she (he?) will have a mugic counter left. There aren't that many Underworld creatures with 3 mugic counters, Kopond and Chaor are the only ones, so you may play her just for the extra mugic counter, but with 25 energy, and the other underworld creatures with a large amount of mugic counters like Bloot and Chaor, the extra mugic counter isn't always a necessity.

So, its up to you which you prefer :).

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