Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 16

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This week's card is Kinnianne
Courage: 60
Power: 35
Wisdom: 65
Speed: 60
Energy: 50

I personally fell in love with this card once I played against an overworld deck that used her. Unlike Raznus, Kinnianne can actually benefit the overworld side of your deck. Her first ability is alright, but that is not what makes Kinnianne so special.

Overworld mugic is only really good for fixing problems after they happened. Song of Resurgence can only repair the damage after it happened, but Melody of Mirage can stop the attack from happening in the first place. Not only that, but Song of Resurgence can only heal 20 damage. It can never do anything more, but Melody of Mirage could stop a full power Allmageddon worth 50 damage! And let's not forget about Song of Shelter which will protect your creatures from your opponet's mugic.

If you wanted to go for the offensive route, there is Fanfare of the Vanishing, but that is only 15 points of damage, where with Melody of Mirage and Song of Shelter you can save your creatures much more damage.

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