Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-July 2

Happy July everyone!

Ravita Flower
Ravita Flower is one of those hidden gems most sets have. It is something that you look at and think "Oh, that's nice, hurray for the Warbeast players." Well, that is only half right. Ravita Flower is something that can be put in many Mipedian decks. Conjurors don't need to be in only Warbeast decks. Ranun is a great mugic caster for a mipedian deck. With 2 counters, and the ability to heal your creatures, he is a perfect fit.

If Ravita Flower is in your deck and you give the counters to Ranun (remember, you don't need to equip it to Ranun, any creature will work!) you pretty much just gave yourself 20 point of healing that you can use to defeat your opponent. With two extra mugic counters, you might also be able to afford expensive mipedian mugic like Song of Deflection or Fighters' Fanfare. Mipedians don't only need Warbeasts to be powerful :).

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