Monday, September 15, 2008

Goodbye Teia

"I have an announcement to make. Chaotic|Teia is no longer with us here at TC Digital. Please join me in wishing her luck in her future endeavors, and thanking her for her contributions to the Community. As a result of this, I will now be the Lead Forum Moderator/Community Manager (and still the Customer Service Manager) of the site. I look forward to continuing to interact with all of the members of our Community!"
-Chaotic|Blargers, Chaotic|Blargers' Megaroar

Well she is gone, there isn't much getting around that. I am sure we all have some sadness with her leaving. She was there for everything: the official launch, the first megaroar (with none of the release dates being correct :P) the special Christmas Glacier Plains with the snowman event, and even some of Mordrid's rants!

But at the same time, we have someone who can take her place. Blargers is more than qualified to take over as forum manager, and he has done a great job so far with taking care of the community :).


Anonymous said...

That sucks, Teia was an awesome member of the forums and contributed a lot to the game.

By the way, Mordrid is back on the forums, but with a more negative attitude and a seemingly anti-Chaotic feel to the way he writes. Ehh... I'm starting not to like that guy.

PS, you and your silly spelling oversights, Glacier "Planes" doesn't make that much sense. They must be either flying glaciers or a frozen plane of existence (which actually makes enough sense).

Anonymous said...

I wish Teia could actually say a couple of parting words before she left. Come to think of it, I would really wish to know what happened.

Mordrid came back? Can anyone post a link to this new thread?

Anonymous said...

He's mostly talking in the New Megaroar Topic that was updated by Blargers. He seems quite irritable but at least still sane.

Occasus said...

Thank you anonymous member for pointing out the spelling mistake. I always mix them up :).

Anonymous said...

You are welcome friend Occasus.

Occasus said...

You're making me wonder now, who is this? :D

Anonymous said...

well i have to say im not unhappy that she's gone and im not happy either i neaver relly disliked or liked her.michaelnono

Anonymous said...

Teia was always around welcoming new players and seemed to be the most connected to the community out of the mods. It is sad to see her go.

Anonymous said...

Will Chaotic get anymore female staff?


Anonymous said...

KnucklesE here! You and photoshop! I envy you when all I have is G I M P.

I am sad about Teia leaving, but eh we still have Blargers.

Good Bye Teia! We will miss you!

Revelation said...

She will be missed

Atoyou said...

I wish Teia could say some parting words too.

And I cant believe Mordrid came back but im kinda scared of his attitude but atleast he got us info.:)

Anonymous said...

maybe she got fired :p and oh yeah wale viceroy was trying to con me in to buying cards last night he said that we might get to keep ower lorner cards if we have bot cards ! or somthign to the evfact but he said he might not be able to pull it off if you don't belive me heres his post.
: go get some boosters

I'll talk to other senior management members, Maybe we'll add that if you have uploaded some cards we'll ensure you keep the free decks even after the fact... those cards are actually registered to your account, so we could reactivate them very easily.

plus we've got quite a few million free cards floating in the system shame to have them to go to waste now wouldn't it

no promises I'll run this idea through our corporate guys and legal too to see if this is ok..

how would that sound ?

btw I might be overstepping my authority even mentioning this ... I'm a rebel.. err no I'm not thought I was the owner of the deathstar.. omg I am his *** .and a link

Occasus said...

Lol, it wasn't that advanced photoshoping actually. It was fairly easy. I may have stole the frame ;).

Anonymous said...

it is sad to hear Teia is gone the boards won't be the same without her


Anonymous said...

at the risk off sounding borken: when are you going to ad the card of the week?(you know who it is)