Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Previews

Just another collection of ebay cards :):

According to ebay, this one has 65 energy.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love Olkaxor and Primal smash! No wonder it's an ultra. 1 buld point and 20 base damage! Overpowered a little.

Occasus said...

It is going to be a staple, but with all of the element boosting, one build point cards can do far more than 20 damage fairly easily. This kind of a card gives a good boost to lower level decks over then warbeast/underworld metagame.

Anonymous said...

Sweet cards. Although, I don't get why Poison Panic is a Super Rare. It's no better then Riptide, in fact, it's even worse. Anyways, were you trying to say that Gronmar or Lyssta had 65 Energy? Either way, they'd be very strong.