Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-January 21

This week's card is Ice Sheet :).

When this card first came out, most people probably didn't find a use for it. But that was back in the good old days of our first attempts at Gan'Trak armies, Bladez builds, and other various decks. We have all become well acquainted with Rise of the Oligarch, and I am sure many of you have already figured out how I am going to explain how to use it in this little segment.

The key is fluidmorphers. Although most fluidmorphers are far from the types of creatures you would like to be offensive with, there are a few creatures like Nunk'worn, that towards the end of a match will have more counters that you know what to do with, and with Ice Sheet, you will be putting those oncec useless counters to good use.

So, like always, please rate Ice Sheet out of ten, :).


Anonymous said...

yay first again
I will give ice sheet
2 in 1 vs 1
6 in 3 vs 3
7.5 in 6 vs 6

because it has a high build point and it only useful when you have lots of mugic counters but even so
you can use it only once and the it is gone.
Even that in some cases it will be a nice surprise for an opponet that thinks you are using a strategy and surprise him with this one like for example AA`une


Anonymous said...

Another way this could be usful and do a lot of damage with out fluidmorphers is to use Na'nia. Put a Fluidmorpher that isn't loyal in with her. Then when the fluid morpher has a lot of counters, use her ability to transfor them to a charging creature with water. Bwula you can deal high amounts of damage with out a fluidmorpher.


michael said...

hmm ill give it a 5 i dont fine it all the useful for me anyway

Anonymous said...

Useless. If you want an attack that needs Mugics just used Tainted Thunderstorm. Only one build cost more and it does 50 damage when you win the challenge. To deal 50 with Ice Sheet you would need 9 counters, which is quite a bit, and it would only work well with Fluidmorphers.

Anonymous said...