Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-January 14

This week's card is Hune Paltanin :)

Courage: 75
Power: 15
Wisdom: 110
Speed: 15
Energy: 40

You might have noticed that I have a little fun in photoshop with this card. I made it foil-y :P.

Anyway, on to the card itself. With two mugic counters, Hune Paltanin is a somewhat strong mugic caster for your back row. She isn't much of a fighter, not even a little, but her ability makes up for it. Overworld decks aren't as widespread as they could be, which is great for a player who chooses to use a Hune Paltanin. Every time your opponent wants to cast a mugic, or play a mugic ability, you get 10 points of healing to protect your creatures.

In an underworld match, all of their damage dealing mugic deals 10 less, and ulmars are next to useless as long as Hune Paltanin is on the board. Mugic is universal. Every deck runs it, so unless you are playing another overworld deck, you are probably going to get upwards of 60 points of healing in a match thanks to her, and that is on top of the two mugic counters she has on her!

So rate her out of ten!


Anonymous said...

first comment yay

I will rate her as a 2 in 1 vs 1
a 5 in 3vs 3 and an 8 in 6 vs 6


Anonymous said...

You can't heal with that ability against another overworld deck because it only works for nonoverworld cards. Other than that it is a pretty good card especially against fluidmorphers. 8/10.

Anonymous said...

My bad I read wrong I thought you were talking about using it against overworlders.

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna post the creature name thin ocassus?

Occasus said...

The voting will begin either tomorrow or some time over the weekend for the naming :).