Friday, January 2, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-January 2

Happy new year to all of you! Holidays usually mess with my calendar, so I forgot about the CCTW, but I'll fill you guys in right now!

This week I chose Phobia Plates

I have been looking at Phobia Plates for some time now, and it is an interesting piece of battlegear. This card defeats decks like my Clodor deck by shutting them off at their source: challenges. A number of decks use challanges right now like stat drain decks, or even most other decks use at least a few attacks with challenges.

Its second ability is a little more deck specific. You will mostly see damage dealing mugic in underworld deck, but more and more generic mugic, and mugic in other tribes are getting in on the action. Cards like Casters' Warsong, Psionic Serenade, and Prelude to Dominance are seeing more play now-a-days, and this card give your creatures a good defense against them.

What do you guys think about this card? Rate out of 10 :).


G.L.A.M_666 said...


Anonymous said...

awesome! great pick!

Anonymous said...

Its my favorite gear ever since I pulled it out of my booster box. I give it a 10.
cheers timmyv

Anonymous said...

I use that battlegear all the time in my armys, incase I run out of destrucookas or element boosters. I have 2 if you ever want to trade sometime ;)


Anonymous said...

I love this gear and Occasus ran into it in my Overworld army. I rate the card as a 10.