Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-January 28

This week's card is Brimflame.

Courage: 60
Power: 90
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 60
Energy: 60

Brimflame has been a fun underworlder to play with for a while now. I have seem him played effectively in numerous underworld decks for a while now, so I feel that Brimflame deserves some praise. With a whepcrack you have a creature with 65 energy, two elements, 115 power, and fire 10. Who wouldn't want that in their deck?

Of course, the big problem with Brimflame is that if he loses his battlegear, he loses all of his fire 10, or fire 5 if you used another battlegear. If you can keep the battlegear on him, he is a huge threat. If you lose it, you might be in a little bit of trouble. The good news is that most decks outside of other underworld decks don't have battlegear distruction, so you should be good :).

Rate out of 10 like usual :).


Richard said...
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Anonymous said...

Battlegear destructoin, lots of other tribes can do thats to ex:

.Heptadds corwn discord of disarming
.Gear grind
.Elemental Oxidation

and many more...

Anonymous said...

^ EarthWater^

Anonymous said...

I positively love Brimflame! I didn't know his full potential until I say him in a offline battle where he used power strike for 30 damage which amazed me!

So out of 10 maybe 9...?



Anonymous said...

He's a common, and if his gear isn't removed he can beat any creature in the game guaranteed. He has as much Power as Chaor, as much Energy as Maxxor and the two Underworld Elements as well as the Fire 5 of Barath Beyond. Put all those traits together and you get a terribly fierce and powerful Underworlder.

For being just a common that is easily comparable to an Ultra Rare (or at least Super Rare), 10/10

Comment deleted said...

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Occasus said...

Earthwater, if Brimflame's battlegear is flipped face down, Brimflame will still be equipped and he will still have fire 5.

michael said...

hehe math major with a wipe crake he would have 105 power not 115 (with the stats you posted any way) but back on topic this guy is great i mean how is he common he should be at least rare (i think maybe some made a mistake wiht him or something) but for a common 10 of 10 he'll go great with any underworld amry or mipdain underworld mix

Anonymous said...

Well with the rise of M'arrillian armies there is always a chance they could have a Melody of Mirrored Actions and then Brimflame really loses is value in the army for the game.


Occasus said...

I gave his average stats. If he had max power and had a whipcrack, Brimflame would have 115 power.

Anonymous said...

All Im saying is that if it was flipped down, then he would only have fire 5 and his other fire 5 and 15 power would dissaper. Making him yet another barath beyond type creature