Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week February 25

Thanks to Reihaku, I think it's time we talked about Fliandar. If you want to know what I'm talking about, look at his latest video on youetube :):

Courage: 85
Power: 45
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 35
Energy: 60

Now isn't this a fun little guy? 65 energy, 95 courage and 85 wisdom at his maximum, he is a pretty strong creature to begin with. Then you go into his awesome ability. Healing all of his damage can be a maximum of 60 energy if you use it right, and even more if you raise his energy with mugic, battlegear, or other card effects.

If you infect all of the creatures on the board (all 12 creatures) you will be able to use his ability 4 times. At 60 energy per heal, that is a total of healing 240 energy. Put him in the right deck, and you will be set for the entire match! :).


Anonymous said...

after seeing that awsome deck reihaku made, I think this is one of myfavorite danians.

Anonymous said...

Fliandar is up there with Nimmei for amazing Danians. I actually considered a build very similar to Reihaku's, but not once did I ever think of using Yondaf like that... absolutely injenious!


Anonymous said...

I have a deck built with 2 FLiandar but his ability doesn't work right online. It activates hive but doesn't heal.


Anonymous said...

I never thought if him that way! I am not too keen on the whole idea of losing infected creatures, but that deck is awesome! Time to go shoppping for some RotO packs! (Too bad my mom said no more 'till spring :()


Anonymous said...

a Fliandar deck would have to be focused just on his ability, so you would have to use infected creatures solely for his ability.. hell, it could be interesting to try and fit Markabon in there somewhere with strain of infection to keep hive deactivated so his ability could be used too.