Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stump Occasus, win a prize!

I think it is time for a little bit of a contest. Here is how it will work: you guys will send me questions on how cards will work in a certain situation, and I will tell you what I think is suppose to happen. I will then check with some people who REALLY know what should happen, and for every one I get wrong, I will give the asker of the question a prize. The first five people to leave comments on this topic, which includes their username and a question, will be entered into the contest.

So get thinking! :)


Anonymous said...

In iron pillar Lord von bloot uses
canon of casualty on engaded intress to counter intress sacrifices her aqua shield
what is the difference before the attack of Lord von bloot?


Anonymous said...

sorry i meant after not before


Anonymous said...

So Prince Mundeenu OLD faces off against LVB in a 1vs1 LVB location is flipped and its gothos tower. PM is equipped with a Spectral Viewer and LVB with a destructozooka, he chose fire. LVB attacks first with an ash torrent dealing 25 damage. PM then uses Fanfare of the Vanishing. PM now attacks with Quick Exit (We assume he wins the challenge)how much damage does he deal.

Could I put a time limit too, Cause other wise you'll have forever to figure this out... either way I'll say for good measure figure this out in one minute... even if just for fun!

Kerberos! :P

Todd Hakusho said...

Now, if you use Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe to attack another Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe, and your card gains a Mugic, will this turn continue on into infinity?

qwerty said...

If a creature uses Canon of casualties on Glost and Appelai uses song of deflection. Does Appelai gain a mugic?

Anonymous said...

Lets say you were facing BigPanda's nimmie. What is the maximum amount of stats and energy that Nimmie could gain?


(Sorry if that question isn't right)

dcj91x said...

Occasus, this is dcj91x from
I asked a question about Mugic and Mugic cards being two different things and abilities that use mugic being mugic abilities but everyone said that they weren't and mugic cards and mugics were the same, however I stumbled across "Training Grounds" from RotO and it backs up what I was saying about abilities being mugic abilities and therefore being able to be countered by cards that say Mugic and not Mugic Card.... Please look it over for me and tell me what you think. Thanks...

also, did that stump you and I win a plize? JK>>>>

dcj91x said...

Never md about my above post, I did just find this in the rule book:

4. Once all Creatures have been revealed, place Mugic counters on your Creatures equal to their Mugic ability. (This can be coins, beads, or any object suitable to track Mugic counters for each creature.)

I never realized that was called mugic ability.... Strange.

Anonymous said...

I pull Trills of Diminution on Gnarlus with Challor. Would that work?

~timmyv on Cothica and ChaoticGame.Com

Anonymous said...

Actually, I mean Fivarth. If I used Trills of Diminution on Fivarth would it work?

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I missed it, oh well.


Gobliin said...

I know I'm late but there is my question anyways :

Anger'Kreem is Batteling Chaor (or any other creature)and it has 4 mugic counters. Anger use Swarming Destruction (who should do 0) but use is ability to do 25.

How much damage the attack will do? (In others words, does it work?)

Bankai2194 said...

Ok, both players have a najarin ff and then one of the players gains a mugic card, so player 2 najarin gains a counter, thus triggering player 1 najarin, in a endless cycle, infinite mugic