Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stumping Occasus

Here are the five scenarios (which I changed to seven :P), and my answers to what should happen. I will check my answers with the codemasters at New York Comic Con this weekend, and I will give out prizes afterward. If your entry wasn't chosen, it was probably because you didn't leave your username with your post. I know that it may seem like I have had the time to mull over the questions, but I promise that I started looking at these at 7pm today :P.

1. Lordania

"In iron pillar Lord von bloot uses
canon of casualty on engaded intress to counter intress sacrifices her aqua shield
what is the difference before the attack of Lord von bloot?"

-First off, Intress wouldn't be able to sacrifice her battlegear because of the location, so all 20 damage from canon will be calculated. Nice try :P.

2. Kerberos

"So Prince Mundeenu OLD faces off against LVB in a 1vs1 LVB location is flipped and its gothos tower. PM is equipped with a Spectral Viewer and LVB with a destructozooka, he chose fire. LVB attacks first with an ash torrent dealing 25 damage. PM then uses Fanfare of the Vanishing. PM now attacks with Quick Exit (We assume he wins the challenge)how much damage does he deal.""

-Now this is a good question! I actually had to consult my comprehensive rules to get a good idea. It is pretty much a question of if spectral viewer will stop opposing invisibility from negating your invisibility. I believe that mudeenu's invisibility will work, and he will deal 45 damage (20 from strike, 15 from fanfare, and 10 from the attack).

3. Todd Hakusho -you didn't give me a username, but I have your blogger username, so that is close enough :P.

Now, if you use Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe to attack another Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe, and your card gains a Mugic, will this turn continue on into infinity?"

-No, it wouldn't. The way they worded Najarin's ability as "place" a mugic couner on him will prevent him from triggering against himself.

4. kidmarchand

"If a creature uses Canon of casualties on Glost and Appelai uses song of deflection. Does Appelai gain a mugic?"

-This is another good question, and I might get this one wrong too :P. I am going to say yes, because Appelai is worded as " When a Warbeast you control becomes the target of a Mugic or ability". I believe that because of that when, as soon as your warbeast is targeted, Appelai triggers, so even though it wasn't the target when the canon resolves, Appelai's ability will still work.

5. KnucklesE

"Lets say you were facing BigPanda's nimmie. What is the maximum amount of stats and energy that Nimmie could gain?"

-This isn't really a situation, more of a hypothetical. I couldn't tell you what the maximum is, because the maximum will depend on your opponent having a deck that would actually help your Illexia, it wouldn't make much sense to go looking for it :P.

6. timmyv

"I pull Trills of Diminution on Fivarth with Challor. Would that work?"

-Nope :P. You wouldn't be able to play Trills of Diminution because Fivarth can't be targeted to begin with.

7. Gobliin

"Anger'Kreem is Batteling Chaor (or any other creature)and it has 4 mugic counters. Anger use Swarming Destruction (who should do 0) but use is ability to do 25."

-No, the Swarming Destruction's dealing 0 ability will supersede Anger's ability.


Anonymous said...

Nice try but you forgot Van bloot effect so intress loses 10 energy so the real answer is 30


Anonymous said...

Intress max courage without battlegear is 50 and you need 65 or more to prevent the effect of LVB


Anonymous said...

ur really smart at chaotic occasus oh and heres i site 4 u


Anonymous said...

Heh heh Occasus got stumped by mine! :P
Well I'm sorry to say that you are WRONG! Ha!
(I sound mean there, but I'm not being mean OK?)
Spectral veiwer makes Prince Mundeenu IMMUNE to Invisibilty, It doesn't negate LVB's, so bloot still has Invisibilty, thus negating PM's invisiblty so Quick exit deals 10!

Kerberos! :P :D

michael said...

ok occasus in 2 you were wrong even if you were right and heres why ok

20 from PM's strike 15 from fanfare and 10 from quick exit so thats 45 not 50 :P

ChaoticBlogger said...

I will be interested to see what they say in NYC, but here is my personal take on your answers:

1. Correct

2. Incorrect(I am iffy on this) I believe that though Invisibility abilities will not work against Mudeenu, Spectral Viewer is NOT negating Invisibility itself, therefore Bloot's Invisibility stands and Mudeenu's is negated. Even if it isn't, your math is wrong ;-)

3. Technically correct (I don't like the answer, one way or another Najarin is gaining an MC, but that's not your fault =P)

4. Very tricky, but I would say correct.

6. Correct

7. Correct (I am a tiiiny bit iffy on this one, but ultimately Swarming Destruction's ability resolves after Anger'keem's ability, so it should overwrite the damage set).

Not too shabby!


Occasus said...

Lordania, I answered how much damage was dealt after the canon resolved from that burst alone. If you wanted total, I guess I got it wrong, but I didn't get that from your original message.

Kerberos, seeing as there was a typo, I did get your question wrong no matter how you look at it :P. If a creature is immune to invisibility, your opponent's invisibility is negated. I don't know the official ruling, but I believe that negated invisibility wouldn't negate your own invisibility. I could be wrong about this, and if I am wrong about the ruling I will give you a second OP card. I am sending you one right now :).

Anonymous said...

Are you sure cause I thought that Immune meant that the abilities don't affect the equipped creatures?


Occasus said...

Look in the comprehensive rules. It gives the ruling for immune.

ChaoticBlogger said...

If I am reading that ruling correctly, it would indicate that Mudeenu is negating his own Invisibility effects by wearing a Spectral Viewer ;-)

As I said, I am interested to hear what they have to say in New York, I stand by my guesses for the time being!


michael said...

chaoticblogger are you zaktor from chaotic?

Dark said...

I haven't been on in a while, and by a while i mean since last october. I was curious about the new marrilian invasion set, RotO. This isn't for the contest, bty. If a minion is wearing a shard but isn't brainwashed, would it still gain the element that the shard would give to it. ex. Gronmor + (air shard)= all 4 elements.
- Darkwing13

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry Occasus your right. I was wrong... I thought by picking an ability that wasn't clearly explained in the offical (non-comprehensive) rule book I could stump you... But technicly I did at least puzzle you, you do admit to have to look in the comprehensive rules. :P


Todd Hakusho said...

I figured the blogger username was enough ^^;

my Chaotic username is MacWolf.

michael said...

dont worry kerboes he did the math wrong so you still stumped him :P

ChaoticBlogger said...

Yup! This is the account for the blog we use to post the podcasts up on iTunes =)


Occasus said...

Hah, nice to know you guys keep tabs on my blog :P.

Anonymous said...

HI Occasus
you are probanly right that I did not make myself clear but I assumed that the challenge will include the abilities of the creatures.

My question could have had a few answers but I did place in the question before LVB attacks.

I understand if I do not get a code.

But I will keep participating in your contest since they are really fun

Lordania =)

Gobliin said...

Thank for for your version of the answer. The situation happen in a friendly tournament in a store in my town and nobody was really sure what should happen. In the end, we chose the same answer as you, but even if I think like you, I'm not convince. The only similar situation that come in mind is Bladez, but it is a bit different.

ChaoticBlogger said...

I like reading your blog, it has great entries and you have some very thoughtful analysis.


Occasus said...

Thanks Zaktar!

I actually got a few of these wrong. I will make a post when I'm less tired from my 13 hour day :P.

Darkwing13 said...

Can someone please answer my question about the shards. Thanks


Occasus said...

Any minion, brainwashed or not, will receive the element. It is minion, and for the most part, no matter what you do to it :P.

Todd Hakusho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Todd Hakusho said...

wait, has he announced the winner yet?