Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chaotic Card of the Week-February 4

This week's card is Supercooled Rain:

For five build points, Supercooled Rain is a really costly attack, but for dealing 40 damage, and making your opponent lose 4 mugic counters, some players think it is worth the cost. Playing this attack early on will effectively shut down a few of your opponent's mugic cards for the rest of the match. Many decks rely on have an exact number of mugic counters to play their cards, and usually don't have to many mugic counters to pay for anything else.

There is no doubt that Supercooled Rain is good, it is just a matter of whether or not if it is worth the price of 5 build points.


michael said...

hmm ill give it a 5 since in my amry it would not be worth 5 build since i dont have water elements

Anonymous said...

It will go great with a water deck
specially if the opponent relies heavily on mugic or triggered abilities


Anonymous said...

It's an amazing card for dealing with Underworlders and Mipedians in particular, since they have no means of regaining cards outside of fields, and often have a VERY limited number of mugicician counters to use.