Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-December 17

This week, we are getting into the M'arrillian spy, Phelphor!

Courage: 35
Power: 40
Wisdom: 60
Speed: 55
Energy: 40

Phelphor is a really versatile creature. Not only is he a Fluidmorpher which gives you a large amount of mugic counters, but he isn't loyal! This creature may see play in many different decks, not only the traditional M'arrillian Chieftain army that we have gotten used to. Any deck can use the extra mugic counters in their deck, like in the updated overworld deck I posted a few weeks ago. Stick Phelphor in the back, and use him to cast all of your generic mugic and save your other counters for whatever you want.

Now on to his other abilities. Anyone who played the original version of Phelphor got a good idea on how moving your opponent's creatures can be useful in terms of attacking their back row mugic casters, or move their attacking creatures away from your vulnerable creatures.

So, like always, rate him out of 10 :).


Anonymous said...

First Comment!!!!!

Anyways, 9.9/10

2 word:

Stragetic Placement :)


Anonymous said...

Well I personally like him a lot, I think he deserves a better rarity then uncommon whatsup with that he went down 2 raritys. Not to mention he has his new fluid morph abilities and his old abilites so i rate him a 9.5 on account on his lower energy.


Aneocon said...

he would be quite useful wit heptads crown

Anonymous said...

He will go great in my new overworld deck I am making. Never noticed that he wasnt loyal lol!

Good looking Occasus for that ability!

Rate: 8.5/10 cuz of his stats i guess

Happy Holidays!


Scott M Davis said...

As a card, 9/10. As a card I would use, 4/10.

He's pretty weak except for his abilities, only the strong survive in my deck.

Anonymous said...

nice i like him but are oyu sure that his fluidmopher doe'nt make him loyal ? 8.9 michaelnono

Scott M Davis said...

unless it says loyal in his text box, he ain't loyal.

though there could be a card that binds fluidmorphs... and makes them loyal.

Phoenixlord said...

8.5/10 due to low energy and only a few Generic Mugic's are worth their salt. He could be a beast but relies on battlegear or location to be truly effective.


Anonymous said...

In case you're a little out of it Phoenix, there is now such thing as M'arrillian Mugic which costs a lot but are effective.